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Interview: Harley Stroh

Harley Stroh mostly writes adventures—good old, down and dirty dungeon crawls reminiscent of the AD&D modules of yesteryear. His scenarios feature vengeful rat kings, bat-riding goblins, and twisted, giggling evil gnomes who worship the eldritch crystal that deformed them. In a Stroh adventure, there are plenty of new monsters, exotic magic items, and more than …

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Interview with James Jacobs

James Jacobs is the editor-in-chief of Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder line. Over the years, he has worked as the associate and later the managing editor of Dungeon magazine. He’s been the developer, lead designer, the guy who adds material here and there, and even the cartographer on projects for Bastion Press, Green Ronin Publishing, Wizards of …

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A Kobold Birthday

Yes, despite various life-threatening adventures, Kobold Quarterly has reached its first anniversary with the release of issue #5! This issue is a great one (though I may be biased), because it includes: An Exclusive 4th Edition Interview:

Who’s On First?

If the current commission were for just a 3E project or just a 4E project, it would already be funded; patrons have supported the work and there’s lots of interest. In a perfect world, I would be merrily writing up the outline and taking the first couple of rounds of polls, brainstorming, and feedback by …

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Good Times for Trapspringers

The last couple months have been good times for KQ, with one important exception. Subscriptions are up. I’m seeing great articles from freelancers, full of fire and vinegar. And not least, KQ is a semi-finalist for the Origins Award. The bad news is (more)

Sandswept Tales of Dark Arabia

The fourth Open Design commission, Six Arabian Nights, has been completed and has shipped to its more than 101 patrons. Initial reactions from the readers include “What a beautifully rendered collection” to “Absolutely amazing” to just plain “Wow”. To put it another way, one patrons says it will “definitely be one of the more prized …

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The Tale of Joshua Cane

You’re a bloody fool Cane.” Conversations within the Severed Ram came to an abrupt halt. I became the center of attention and felt the color rise in my cheeks, as someone stifled a laugh in the tap-room.

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