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Harrowing Haunts: Soul-Weighted Anchor

Harrowing Haunts: Soul-Weighted Anchor

anchorThe Laughing Dolphin is a popular inn not far from the harbor, and the innkeeper, Kolven, is a former sailor who said goodbye to the waves at the behest of his wife. Kolven recently acquired a rusted anchor for decoration, but he is unaware this particular anchor is haunted. It carries the souls of the men and women of the Blessed Wind, a ship swallowed by the waves when it was caught by hurricane winds on the open sea.

Kolven uses the anchor as an impromptu chandelier; two lanterns hang from its arms, providing an abundance of light after sunset. The anchor hangs from the roof of the inn by a stout rope…

Soul-Weighted Anchor (CR 8 )

XP 4,800
CE haunt (40-ft.-diameter area), persistent
Caster Level
Perception DC 20 (to hear the sound of wooden beams snapping and the crash of waves)
hp 36; Trigger the presence of severe or stronger wind; Reset 1 week
When this haunt is triggered, the souls of the drowned sailors burst from the anchor and attach themselves to all living creatures in the area. Water rains down from the anchor, coalescing into a sphere of water. All creatures in the area of effect are targeted by confusion (DC 16) and aqueous orb (DC 14) spells. (See Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player’s Guide for aqueous orb).
The anchor must be blessed and buried.

Using the Soul-Weighted Anchor in Your Game

• The PCs are about to embark on a lengthy sea voyage or have just disembarked. They need a place to stay, and the Laughing Dolphin comes highly recommended. Before entering the inn, they see a storm brewing on the horizon.

• While staying at the Laughing Dolphin, one of the lanterns falls from the anchor’s arms. As flames leak from the lantern, a nearby mage tries to help by casting a gust of wind spell…


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3 thoughts on “Harrowing Haunts: Soul-Weighted Anchor”

  1. Well done Maurice! You really put the “Arrr!” in anchor! *Ping! Ping! Ping!* Three bells and all’s well on the Pett Scale too!

  2. Thanks for the comments. Let me know how the haunt plays out in your game.

    @James, I submitted something to Scott recently that should generate more points on the Pett-o-meter…..

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