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Midgard Icons: Emperor of the Ghouls

Nicoforus the Pale is the undisputed ruler of the Dread and Endless Imperium of the Darakhul, a civilization of ghouls deep within the realms subterranean. Through cunning and relentless cruelty he’s led his legions to repeated victories over the other races in the underworld. Drow, dwarves, kobolds, gnomes – all are slaves or food for the darakhul. Only the ghouls’ aversion to the sun keeps the Imeprium from invading the surface world.

Now on Kindle: The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding: Kindle Edition brings to your electronical reading-device our new collection of thought-provoking and informative essays by Wolfgang Baur, Keith Baker, Monte Cook, David “Zeb” Cook, Jeff Grubb, Scott Hungerford, Chris Pramas, Jonathan Roberts, Michael A. Stackpole and Steve Winter. Activate your futuristic book-machine and learn the secrets of making a high-magic …

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Midgard RPG Miniatures: Q&A With Mick Leach

The Midgard RPG Miniatures Kickstarter is in its final week! Having raised more than $15,000 Eastern Front Studios will be producing astounding new miniatures based on the Midgard Campaign Setting, including the Grisal Dwarf, Raven Mage, Mharoti Emissary and many more. We invite you to back the campaign and get your hands on these cool minis. Running a Kickstarter …

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It’s Santa Jiro!

If you wake from your Christmas Eve slumbers to see a red-capped kobold in your living room, do not call the police! It’s only our mascot Jiro, and he has a very good reason for packing your valuables away in his bag of holding. Happy holidays to all! We wish you merry game sessions, and …

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