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Words of Wisdom for Designers

Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Jason Buhlman, and James Jacobs took the time to tell a room full of rapt gamers and would-be designers how to build rules, characters, and magic that work both for homebrew campaigns and for professional pitches. Some of the highlights from PaizoCon’s Crafting Rules that Work seminar are beyond the jump. Compare your design to what’s already out there in the system to determine balance and playability....

Midgard: Order of the Septime Lancers

The Midgard campaign setting continues to develop setting, characters, and adventure hooks galore, but the patrons and designers are also venturing into Pathfinder RPG rules material. Here’s one result of that work. The Order of the Septime Lancers The constant warfare and border skirmishes of the Seven Cities spawn many mercenary companies and warrior orders. One of the largest and most well-known is the Order of the Septime Lancers. The...

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