Exotic Trade Goods of the Mharoti Bazaars

Exotic Trade Goods of the Mharoti Bazaars

Players Guide to the Dragon EmpireThe empire is a place of wonders and strangeness, since its people and its merchants serve scaly masters with needs unlike those of the humans, dwarves, and minotaurs of the north and west. Here is a sampling of some of the unique goods found in the Empire’s bazaars, from Harkesh to Sarkland and Achillon to Na’akesh. For full descriptions of these items, you can snag a copy of Player’s Guide to the Dragon Empire.

Animals and Servant Beasts

Ant Lions, Giant: Eggs—500 gp; Mature Ant Lion—2,500 gp

Axe Beaks: Eggs—400 gp; Mature Axe Beak—2,000 gp; Saddle-Trained “War” Beak—5,500 gp

Baboons: Infant—45 gp; Mature Baboon—225 gp; Trained Guardian Baboon—600 gp

Camel: Infant—100 gp; Mature Camel—500 gp; Saddle-Trained “War” Camel—2,500 gp

Carbuncles: Carbuncle—450 gp; Mature Axe Beak—2,100 gp

Cave Giants: Warrior—5 gp or equivalent per day*; Slave-master—8 gp or equivalent per day; Giant Lizard Breeder—12 gp or equivalent per day

Clockwork Servants: Various—1,500 gp per CR on average

Crabs, Giant: Eggs—450 gp; Mature Crab—2,500 gp; Saddle-Trained “War” Crab—5,600 gp

Derhii: Slaves—2,250 gp; Mercenaries—15 gp per day

Dragonnes: Infant—1,650 gp; Mature Dragonne—3,250 gp; Saddle-Trained “War” Dragonne—5,600 gp

Giant Geckos: Eggs—450 gp; Mature Gecko—1,650 gp; Saddle-Trained “War” Gecko—2,600 gp

Goblins, Goblin Snakes and Mites: Slaves—1–4gp each; hirelings—1sp per day.

Green Eagles (“Saqretair”): Eggs—350 gp; Mature Eagle—2,250 gp; Saddle-Trained “War” Eagle—3,600 gp

Guard/Hunting Lizards: Guard Lizard—35 gp; Riding Lizard—175 gp

Ogre and Humbaba Bodyguards: Warrior—5 gp or equivalent per day*; Bodyguard—8gp or equivalent per day; Slavemaster/Captain/Torturer—12 gp or equivalent per day

Oliphaunts: Infant—450 gp; Mature Oliphaunt—2,250 gp; Trained “War” Oliphaunt—5600 gp

Ostrich: Eggs—40 gp; Mature Ostrich—240 gp; Saddle-Trained “War” Ostrich—650 gp

Parrot: Various—From 15 gp for a purely ornamental bird, up to 2,000 gp or more for a trained spy or spellcasting parrot

Porcupines: Mature Porcupine—25 gp; Mature Giant Porcupine—400 gp; Mature Dire Porcupine—650 gp

Scorpions: Greensting—45 gp; Ghost—165 gp; Cave—360 gp; Giant—1,275 gp; Deadfall—5,625 gp


Dry Goods

Fire Wraps: 1,100 gp for mundane cloaks that provide a +1 circumstance bonus to saves vs. elemental damage, to 3,300 for magical cloaks that provide a +3 arcane bonus to saves vs. elemental damage

Heat Stones: 2–4 gp

Horn Bells: From 10 gp for silver ornamental bells, to 1,650 for mithral “war” bells (+1 to DC to resist dragon’s Frightful Presence)

Ivory Necklaces: 15 gp for a simple scrimshaw ornament, up to 36,000 gp for a Morza’s ceremonial necklace, inlaid with precious alloys and gemstones.

Platinum Coin Armor: Treat as masterwork +4,000 gp. Increase AC bonus by one step, decrease AC penalty by one step, in addition to normal masterwork bonuses

Razor Rope: 550 gp per age/size category of dragon

Wing Cuffs: 450 gp per age/size category of dragon


Food and Drink

Arbonesse Claret: 1,250 gp up to 3,600 gp for prize vintages

Aboleth Brain: 950 gp for salted and preserved stock to 3,600 gp for still-pulsing, in the skull sweetmeats

Basilisk Heart: 2,250 gp


Minor Magic Items and Curiosities

Dragonclaw-Blades: Various by type—price as masterwork or +1 blades, as per the PFCR

Dragonheart Extract: 25,000–50,000 gp per dose

Wind Jars: Various by type—anywhere from 10s p for a simple glass jar of spring air, to 25,000 gp for an adamantine vase containing thundercloud ozone from the Cloudwall Mountains


Draconic Gear

Black Miasma: 10,000–15,000 gp per dose

Bulwark Armor: Use the “Armor for Unusual Creatures” (non-humanoid) chart in the PFCR to adjust cost and weight

Dragon Seals: Since these are symbols of state, they are not normally for sale. If the PCs wanted to pay for the creation of a new one, or attempt to buy or sell one on the black market (most would be fakes), they would go for anywhere from 150,000 gp to 600,000 or even more. Even crude copies would go for 10,000 gp or more.

Claw Razors: Price as per the PFCR—treat as adamantine or mithral great sword

Fang Razors: Price as per the PFCR—treat as adamantine or mithral great axe

Levitation Bands: 1,000 gp per age/size category of the dragon

Orb of Remembrance: 20,000 gp (either color)

Purple Miasma: 10,000–15,000 gp per dose

Tail Razor: Price as per the PFCR—treat as adamantine or mithral falchion


*May be paid in weapons, armor, slaves, or food, rather than gold.

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  1. I love how a Carbubcle turns into a mature Axebeak.

    Great list! I am totally going to use this in a game I am playing. This is super helpful.

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