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Midgard Bestiary for AGE System Now Available

The basic formula for fantasy roleplaying is simple: kick down doors, kill monsters and take their stuff. That’s how Jeff Tidball, AGE System Lead Developer at Green Ronin, calls it in the introduction to the new Midgard Bestiary: Volume 1 by Josh Jarman. Between its covers lurk some of the greatest monsters that Open Design …

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The Deadline Approaches…

If you haven’t already submitted your artifact to the Relics of Power contest, do so now! We have less than an hour to go before the deadline hits. (And it hits hard.) Surely you want judges Wolfgang Baur, Christopher Bodan, and Jeff Grubb to see your glorious artifact, hmmm? Send your entries to relicsofpower(at)koboldquarterly(dot)com right …

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The Search for Relics of Power

In the past, we’ve done some fun contests featuring monsters. Monsters are great. We support monsters. We love monsters. But sometimes you need a little help fighting monsters, especially when one or more have completely wiped out your stalwart band of adventurers—several times. Kobolds, of course, recognize the necessity for adding a little firepower to …

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Northlands and KQ #17 Review Roundup

We’ve had a couple of big releases here recently! There’s Northlands: Roleplaying in Winter’s Chill, a Pathfinder-compatible sourcebook for adventures in Midgard’s temperate and subarctic north; and Kobold Quarterly #17, an issue dedicated to villainy with articles for Pathfinder RPG, 4th Edition D&D, and Dragon Age RPG. What are reviewers saying about them? Let’s start …

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It’s Alive!

Get ready to channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein as we launch March Monster Madness! During the month of March, we at the Dragon Age Oracle are running an AGE System Monster Design Challenge in partnership with Open Design/Kobold Quarterly. Check out the following threads on the Kobold forums: Best Midgard Monster: Any creature originally published by …

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Midgard: Alseid Hunter

The Midgard patrons are converting new creatures for the AGE System, like this one originally written for Tales of the Old Margreve and Pathfinder RPG. The Midgard campaign setting may be acquiring an AGE System bestiary if this keeps up! __ Alseid are the graceful woodland cousins to centaurs. Because they are rarely seen far …

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Midgard Progress, Week 3: Smack-Talkin’ Interviews

It’s been moderately busy in Midgard, with the first — draft-level, not final! — Dragon Age RPG content delivered as part of my Prince of Midgard interview with the Oracle: the Triolan Corsair background. The Stargazer’s World interview expands on that with a short history and discussion of the future plans for the setting. Throw …

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