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Shops of Zobeck: The Emporium

Shops of Zobeck: The Emporium

Wandering the busy streets of Zobeck, you stagger and bustle past many a merchant stall and peddler’s cart—so many different shops lining the streets!—and all sorts of strange and wondrous wares.

Zobeck attracts merchants and customers of all types: rich, poor, and everything in between. This city is among the most prosperous, sitting at a crossroads. An attraction for those wishing to improve their lot in life, a place offering wonder and opportunity, to either make it or be broken. Heroes come here selling their gear from grand adventures across Midgard; poor folk flock here trying to change their lives. Either way, Zobeck is the place to be if you are willing to work for it, if you are willing to travel to the place that leads everywhere.

The Emporium

A large two-story building assaults your senses. A gold sign trimmed with a sky blue and red lettering, “The Emporium.” The large windows on the second story are stained glass with images of griffons and flying beasts. As you walk, there is a long window allowing you to see inside. Your attention is drawn to a young halfling woman serving sandwiches and coffee to patrons. There’re a few small, round tables where different folk are sitting and enjoying their afternoon lunches. Beyond that, you see rows of clothing, furniture of all sorts, draperies hanging on posts and walls, and gem crafter’s and tinker’s shops tucked away in the back corner.

Upon entering the Emporium, you are greeted with a friendly, “Hail and Well met!” As you turn to see who greeted you, you see the shimmering image of a gnome in fine clothing and a large beret atop his head, projecting itself from a circular, white stone rest on the floor next to the door. The sounds of laughter fill the room as you enter, and your nostrils are filled with the scent of strong coffee and freshly baked breads. Glancing from left to right, you’re in a very busy cafe: tables packed with patrons, and endless shelves, furniture, clothing, tapestries, weapons, armors, and all variety of items.

Something else catches your eye. A gnome, standing on the second-floor walkway, looking down over the store. As you meet his gaze, you realize it is the gnome from the shimmering image at the door. He has a wide smile, fluffy white hair with a glimmer to it, a midnight blue vest with a black shirt underneath, dark blue pants, and a black and silver cane in one hand. He nods in your direction and continues to scan the scene below.

Emporium Owner: Thanatopsis de’Bergerack (gnome rogue 8/wizard 8) He specializes in illusion and trickery spells. He loves to travel and enjoys a good sandwich and coffee for lunch and dinner. He is an energetic playful gnome and loves to shop for any rare and wondrous items that he can get his hands on. He has been known to take on a job or two from time to time. His cousin Bert mainly runs the store, along with Bert’s sons Darren and Garren.

Current Inventory

The wares rotate out regularly as new inventory comes in, but the following is characteristic of the shop’s usual goods.

Household Section

  • Ornately carved, black oak coffee table and chair with a leather covering: 250 gp
  • A four-post double bed with oak leaf relief lined and trimmed with gold and silver: 1,250 gp
  • A mountain scene tapestry of Midgard’s northern mountains: 500 gp
  • 3 small round living room floor carpets: 125 gp each
  • A chest with 5 drawers, carved with vine work and trees on the sides and edges: 450 gp
  • A large, white oak chest with gold and silver filigree and large, sturdy black iron lock: 750 gp

Gem Section

Bert is the jewelry and gem specialist for this part of the store. All pieces are made on demand. If you are looking for that special piece of jewelry for that special someone or looking to get a piece of magical jewelry made, just ask.

  • Nonmagical rings start at 100 gp
  • Nonmagical necklaces start at 250 gp
  • Nonmagical bracelets start at 200 gp

Magical Item Inventory

  • Dagger of venom: 750 gp
  • Flying carpet: 15,000 gp
  • Wand of magic missiles: 1,250 gp
  • Potion of supreme healing: 500 gp
  • Cloak of displacement: 5,000 gp
  • Studded leather armor: +2: 5,000 gp
  • Bag of tricks (rust colored): 350 gp

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