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KotM2 Fight! Ohsoram the Shattered King

KotM2 Fight! Ohsoram the Shattered King

OhsoramWelcome to the King of the Monsters 2 finals (see the list of finalists): Ohsoram the Shattered King is random finalist 4 of 10. These submissions are left almost entirely as they were received with the exceptions that all submissions are posted with an image and are standardized to KoboldQuarterly.com style. Let the fight commence!


The Unlucky Lord of mirrors despises vanity above all things. Hidden in the shadows of creation and shattered by the arrogance of gods, he plots revenge, appearing as a blurred and refracted image of something that might once have been a god of light.

Ohsoram’s origins date back to the first mirror created. He was a perfect mirror created to reflect the beauty of divinity. Unsatisfied with what was seen in reflection, however, his creator cast Ohsoram aside, shattering him for his “failure.”

In the darkness, slowly the shards of Ohsoram merged together once more for vengeance. Ohsoram has never had the power to cast down the gods, but that doesn’t sway him from his purpose.

The Shattered King would see the end of all gods, and he plots continually to do so…

Ohsoram in Combat: The Shattered King is a terrifying opponent on the battlefield, using the creation of his shards to distract and torment his enemy. If opponents ignore the shards and focus on bloodying Ohsoram, once shattered mirror activates, he uses whirlwind of shattered dreams to devastating effect. If opponents focus on his shards, he will maintain a constant and steady stream of damage using reflecting wounds as often as possible.

He despises vanity and targets any character that displays arrogance or dwells too much on their appearance. If he thinks he will lose a fight, he uses whirlwind of shattered dreams to pin opponents down and makes a run for it. Ohsoram has lived a long time and is clever; he often has escape routes prepared.

Lore (History DC 20): A few legends of the Unlucky Lord of Mirrors, the Shattered King Ohsoram, persist despite his best attempts at silencing them. Ohsoram was the first mirror created and the first broken, and he lives still to bring about the destruction of the arrogant gods that cast him aside.

How to Use: Ohsoram makes an excellent mastermind antagonist, especially in a group with more than one divine character. His plots against the gods and those who serve them can be the basis of a campaign.

He also makes a good lackey for a more powerful being seeking the gods’ destruction, or seeking to release and awaken primordial forces.

Ohsoram the Shattered King (Level 9 Solo Controller (Leader))

Medium immortal animate (illusion); XP 2,000
Initiative +8; Perception +11

HP 300; Bloodied 150
AC 23, Fortitude 21, Reflex 22, Will 21
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Speed 6

King of Mirrors • Aura 5
Ohsoram creates shards. These shards appear identical to Ohsoram but may exist only within 5 squares of him: if they leave or are forced to leave this aura they are destroyed. Shards function as minions with 1 hp. They use Ohsoram’s defenses, act on his initiative and may use reflecting blade as a minor action, a shards’s reflecting blade does 6 damage when it hits. A shard cannot act during the turn it is created.

[M] Reflecting Wounds (Illusion, Weapon) • Recharge 6
Attack—Melee 1 (one creature); + 14 vs. AC.
Hit—3d10+6 damage.
Sustain Minor—1d6+6 damage, and a shard appears (see king of mirrors).

[C] Whirlwind of Shattered Dreams (Illusion) • Encounter
Attack—Close burst 5; targets enemies in burst; +13 vs. Will.
Effect—All Ohsoram’s shards are destroyed.
—1d6+6 damage plus 3 damage for each shard destroyed by this attack, and the target is immobilized (save ends).

[C] Shifting Ways (Illusion, Teleportation) • Recharge 5, 6
Attack—Close burst 5; targets enemies in burst; +13 vs. Ref.
Effect—Ohsoram and his shards may each teleport 5 squares.
—1d10+8 damage, the target is dazed (save ends), and 1 shard appears (see king of mirrors).

[m] Reflecting Blade (Illusion, Weapon) • At-Will
Attack—+14 vs. AC; 1d6+6 damage.

[A] Shattered Mirror
Trigger—When Ohsoram first becomes bloodied.
Effect—7 shards appear (see king of mirrors).

Refractive Inaction
Trigger—When Ohsoram becomes dazed or stunned.
Effect—3 shards appear (see king of mirrors).

Alignment unaligned Languages Common, Draconic, Primordial
Skills Acrobatics +13, Arcana +14, Bluff + 14, Diplomacy +14, Insight + 11
Str 14 (+6)           Dex 18 (+8)         Wis 14 (+6)
Con 14 (+6)         Int 18 (+9)           Cha 20 (+9)

5 thoughts on “KotM2 Fight! Ohsoram the Shattered King”

  1. Freaking fantastic. The background is perfect, grandiose and striking, and the powers look like they’d make for a really sweet encounter.

    Not sure what else to say, other than that this is totally up my alley.

  2. Hey dude, if you’re still around, I just wanted to reiterate that this was a really good monster. There were a lot of strong showings, but for what it’s worth this is still my favorite.

    (It also reminds me of my own monster entry from last year’s RPGS, if only in the ‘broken and bitter refuse of a god’ backstory, which I obviously find appealing)

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