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Races of Midgard: Dau

Beauty and Grace. Dau are small, agile, and beautiful creatures. Both male and female dau have dark, shoulder-length hair generally adorned with shining baubles. Dark brown eyes draw forth warmth and excitement. Their bright glittering wings vary in shades of green and blue, which they sometimes augment with contrasting jewelry.

Races of Midgard: Burrowling

Every once in a while, an unexpected hero rises from obscurity—the burrowling. These furry folk hail from a region known as the Wasted West. Should you find yourself in their land, be watchful. They detest violent encounters and hate goblins. However, a pleasant meeting may lead to intriguing friendships. These small and unlikely heroes rarely …

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Shops of Zobeck: The Kariv’s Apothecary

The Kariv’s Apothecary A small scratchy voice calls out to you, “Welcome stranger! Do you need some help traversing these busy streets? If you do, I am your guide: Black-Eye! Hop aboard, and please, allow me to show you around this magnificent city. If you are looking for anything in particular, do not hesitate to …

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Shops of Zobeck: The Emporium

Wandering the busy streets of Zobeck, you stagger and bustle past many a merchant stall and peddler’s cart—so many different shops lining the streets!—and all sorts of strange and wondrous wares. Zobeck attracts merchants and customers of all types: rich, poor, and everything in between. This city is among the most prosperous, sitting at a …

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