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Shops of Zobeck: The Blue Nymph

Shops of Zobeck: The Blue Nymph

The Crossroads City—the City of Intrigue—offers a vast array of experiences. It is a world unto its own. Hidden treasures lay in wait to be discovered. Everyone comes to this glorious city searching for something: what they are looking for is a mystery, and that can only be answered by someone who deals in extravagances, desires, and the unique. Locating such a place might require a bit of time, but when you find it, your desires shall be met!

Outside Description: This two-story building has wooden walls, painted sky blue and trimmed in red oak. There is a large window on the first floor, allowing those who pass by to peer inside. A large, white oak door is directly in the center of the building. Above the door hangs a wooden sign with a Blue Nymph painted on it.

Inside Description: As the door opens, the smell of honey and candles escape, filling you with a sense of relaxation and comfort. Inside, you see tables scattered throughout the large establishment. To your right along the walls are wooden booths with leather seat coverings and blue table cloths. As you gaze around the room, you notice the decor is consistent with the name on the sign outside. There are images of blue nymphs scattered among various pieces of art: paintings, statues, and tapestries of spirits and nature with beautiful maidens inhabiting rivers, woods, and other more mythological places. At the other side of the room, directly opposite where you enter, there are stairs leading to the second floor. Stepping farther inside, a soft, female voice calls out to you, “Hello. Welcome to the Blue Nymph. What is your pleasure today?” Turning to your right, you spot a beautiful young, dark-haired woman with crystal-blue eyes approaching. She is wearing a sleeveless dress that reaches just below her knees. Smiling, she nods and motions for you to follow her, leading you to a table. She says, “Please have a seat. One of our Nymphs will be with you shortly.”

Staff: All of the people that work here are women. They are wearing the same blue, sleeveless dresses with knee-high, black leather boots; their hair is tied up with the same blue ribbons. The ladies work to make their guests feel at home, offering them an experience of a lifetime. But they also listen and gather information about their guests, especially those who frequent the establishment.

Second Floor: This floor is known as the “Heavens.” The second floor of the Blue Nymph was given this nickname years ago, just months after it was established. Customers would come here seeking escape, relaxation, and “other things.” To the surprise of many, the Blue Nymph is not a saloon. The ladies who work here are not up for sale. The second floor is where patrons go after enjoying too much food and drink. If someone is to pass out during their stay, the Nymphs simply bring them upstairs to a room and bill them for it. The rooms can be rented as a place to get away from the busy streets for a few hours, days, or even weeks.

Shop Owner: Illyvaera (Ill-ee-va-uh) Sumont is an elf with shoulder-length, black hair and blue eyes. Illyavaera is a quick witted and clever woman. Her position as host allows her to keep an eye on everything. She is called the Mistress of Knowledge. Her office is on the second floor. She keeps journals and ledgers of those who frequent her establishment and any information that her staff gathers on them. Convincing Illyvaera to turn over information on any of her guests is determined by their status in the city. If it is a local citizen, a low-DC Charisma (Persuasion) check can be used. The DC increases with the status of the individual, as does the amount of gold required. She will also accept other information as an equal trade.

GM Notes: Illyvaera is a great source of information for many people within the city. She can be employed for political intrigue or just as someone who can sell or barter information with the PCs.

Adventure Hooks: The Council of Praetors have a decision looming. It involves renovating or razing some old warehouses in the city. The Cloven Nine uses some of these as safe houses to store goods along with other nefarious deeds. The Cloven Nine is looking to gain information from Illyvaera on one or multiple members of the council in order to “persuade” them to their side. The PCs could be hired by Illyvaera as protection after she is approached by a member from the Cloven Nine. The PCs could also be hired by a member of the Cloven Nine to steal information from her office.


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