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Shops of Zobeck: Tha’Ole Brewery

Shops of Zobeck: Tha’Ole Brewery

Give your Zobeck that special taste of a unique establishment…

Welcome to Zobeck! Everything you seek lies just around the next corner—even some excellent dwarven ale. The streets of Zobeck can be exhausting, hot, and crowded, especially after a long day of hard work, and between the Merchant District and Upper Zobeck, on your way to the Derry River, lies just such a place. This rough diamond is a marvel at any time of day. Here you can find fine ale, hearty food, and good cheer. At one time or another, everyone visits Tha’Ole Brewery. As you approach the door, it bursts open, nearly knocking you over. Stumbling out with a wide grin is an old, gray-bearded dwarf who nods and apologizes.

Outside Description: Set along the eastern side of the street, heading toward the Derry River, you find a wide, one-story, red-brick building with two stained-glass windows flanking a round, white oak door with a foaming mug painted on it. Peering through the few sections of clear glass on the windows, you can vaguely make out a crowded bar, folks dancing and enjoying themselves.

Inside Description: As the door swings open in your direction, the smells of fresh sweet bread and ale rush past you. The sounds of music, laughter, and chatter pour from inside. Crossing the threshold, you are filled with a sense of joy. As you scan the room, you see that everyone inside is in a great mood, and your spirits continue to rise as you make your way past the scattered tables and chairs. Scanning the room for the band, your eyes find a stage in the far right corner. However, there is no band, just an elderly man with a pointed hat and various instruments playing by themselves. At the opposite end of the building, you spot a bar with a stout, red-bearded dwarf tending. Directly behind him are large shelves of colored bottles as well as a battleaxe hanging on the wall. Underneath the axe is a wooden plaque with a metal plate and the words “Orc Breaker” engraved on it. Behind the counter and to the dwarf’s right, there is an open doorway leading to the kitchen: the smells of fresh breads and meat billow out, filling the tavern with a savory flavor. The ceiling’s rafters are cluttered with heads of different animals and weapons on display. As you look down at the floor, you notice the entire floor is a tiled map of Zobeck.

Owner: Boravar Klatorn is a male Southland Dwarf, slightly taller than average. He has bright red hair and a matching beard that is braided and has gold rings at the end. He wears a sleeveless leather tunic with dark brown pants and heavy leather boots. His arms are covered with runic style tattoos and battle scars. Boravar used to be a bodyguard for the King of Nuria Natal. Retiring from the service of the king and striking out on his own away from home and war, Boravar heard tales about the City of Intrigue and found his way here to work. His time in service has made him an honest, straight-talking individual. His social and friendly demeanor has created a wonderful environment allowing for a great profitable business.


Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage, Biscuits, and Morning Dew (breakfast ale)—5 silver pieces

Lunch: Roast Duck, Carrots, Potatoes, Biscuits, and Natal’s Flavor—5 silver pieces

Dinner: Beef or Ham, Carrots, Potatoes, Biscuits, and any ale—5 silver pieces


Morning Dew (wheat ale)—2 silver pieces, 6 silver per pitcher

Natal’s Flavor (wheat ale, a bit sweet)—2 silver pieces, 6 silver per pitcher

Evening’s Rest (pale ale)—2 silver pieces, 6 silver per pitcher

Drow’s Delight (dark ale)—3 silver pieces, 8 silver per pitcher

Sorrow’s Relief (whiskey)—4 silver pieces per shot, 1 gold per bottle

Burnt Whisker (golden liquor)—3 silver pierces per shot, 1 gold per bottle

Bottom of the Barrel (cheap whiskey)—5 copper pieces per shot, 1 silver per bottle

Kariv’s Inspiration (Strawberry liqueur)—1 silver per shot, 8 silver per bottle


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