13th Age

Midgard Icons: Emperor of the Ghouls

Nicoforus the Pale is the undisputed ruler of the Dread and Endless Imperium of the Darakhul, a civilization of ghouls deep within the realms subterranean. Through cunning and relentless cruelty he’s led his legions to repeated victories over the other races in the underworld. Drow, dwarves, kobolds, gnomes – all are slaves or food for the darakhul. Only the ghouls’ aversion to the sun keeps the Imeprium from invading the surface world.

Kobold Quarterly 23 Now Available

Bursting from the infernal depths in a cloud of fire and brimstone comes Kobold Quarterly’s Fall 2012 issue! Either this is the promised “demons and devils” issue, or the magazine is being guest-edited by Ronnie James Dio. This issue is packed with Stygian foes, diabolical adventure, cannibal demon apes, soul-sundering artifacts and evil chocolatiers. Kobold Quarterly # …

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