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Midgard for the Masses 3: Political Intrigue

Midgard for the Masses 3: Political Intrigue

The vast lands of Midgard are rich with opportunity and chaos befitting every kind of adventurer. But certain locations are better suited based on the type of game you want.

Every week during Midgard’s 10th-anniversary celebration, we’ll provide glimpses of the places, people, and adventurous opportunity waiting for your own games!

For a complete Midgard overview, browse the The Midgard Worldbook. Every place you see in this series has a detailed write-up there. The resources section following each location offers places to look for additional information.

Political schemes bind every civilization in Midgard. If you savor political machinations, try these places!

Interested in political intrigue?

Bring your scheme to Dornig!

The political boundaries of Dornig are a mishmash of smaller provinces, towns, villages, cantons, and small territories (including a single tavern called the Serpent’s Ward in Salzbach) acquired over generations. Nothing about Dornig political history is straightforward, and the modern political structure is a mess of competing motivations and exploits.

The three largest cities in the duchy are Reywald, Hirschberg, and Bad Solitz. The Imperial Court, ruled by the Imperatrix who now rests in a coma, moved between the three cities until she fell ill. Now, the Imperial Court and the Imperatrix remain in Reywald.

Each city is ruled by one of the reigning families. When the Imperatrix was healthy, she balanced the power-hungry attacks of the lower-ranking houses. During her incapacitation, Dornig is more open to internal and external attacks.

  • Reywald is a port city surrounded by a lake instead of walls. The open, free city is a melting pot of nobles and common folk, and famous for its Arcane College. The reigning family is House Aldous-Donner, entrusted with keeping the Imperatrix safe in Grauberg Castle.
  • Hirschberg, the largest city, is situated with easy access to Zobeck and Salzbach. It is ruled by the House Hirsh-Dammung, the family of the Imperatrix’s husband. The military is ever-present here, and nobles are distinguished by their ranks.
  • Bad Solitz, a hidden gem of a city in the mountains, is ruled by House Vann Rottsten, a family of poor decision makers and misfortune. Notable for an active volanco and thriving vineyards, Bad Solitz was once a vacation spot from the other cities in Dornig cities.

Dornig Resources

Warlock Lair 15, Ill-Met by Moonlight, is set in Dornig.

Warlock Lair 59, The Nullifier’s Dream, is also set in Dornig. Just what is going on in Dornig that needs so many adventurers?

Looking for military strategy?

Set your course for the Septime Cities!

War is endless in the Septime Cities (also known as the Seven Cities).  While it is easy to generalize all the residents as warmongers, they are far more complex in their living and political thinking. Enemies range from neighbors, the Mharoti Empire, sea creatures, and invaders from other lands.

Mavros is the patron god of most of the Septime Cities, and patronage to Mavros is justification for a myriad of atrocities. War is a dance of tradition and rules, even when enemies do not honor the social and political structure of Septime war rituals.

In the Septime Cities, there are six reasons for war: seize a territory, secure the blessings of Mavros, avenge an insult, force payment, support an ally, or punishment for supporting the Mharoti Empire.

The last is of special note. Whatever else might divide Septime citizens, all of them despise the Mharoti Empire. Any suspected sympathizers will be dealt with swiftly and cruelly. Mharoti descendants and allies should not expect to survive in Septime territory unless they are willing to trade secrets or lies.

Companies—groups of free people, minotaurs, etc.—form in the various cities, each fighting as a faction. A company can provide support to the highest bidders, often hiring in limited numbers of skilled fighters who can improve their reputation and maximize their damage. Over time, the leadership of a company becomes their own elite. Companies are noted by their rules. Declaration of items, rules of engagement, membership information, and other structural supports differentiate each company.

While each of the Septime Cities is distinct in resources, government structure, and population base, these seeds allow adventurers to travel around the Septime Cities and explore their war-torn regions.

  • The Dwindling Shame is a new company returned from an adventure up north. They are led by Captain Dweylin Quentin, and he is eager to expand the ranks. Adventurers are sought to bolster their ranks, and their inaugural mission is to clear out kobolds in the underground from the Canton of Melana. Surely a kobold mission won’t be difficult?
  • Loki V is a young emperor in the Septime City of Valera, and he fears his power is at risk. He seeks unaffiliated adventurers to collect information for him, and “dissuade” his enemies. Unfortunately for the emperor, all his closest allies and bitter enemies want him dead.

Septime Cities Resources

Warlock Lair 49, Gold & Glory, lets your characters make a difference during summer, the war season of the Seven Cities.

Warlock Lair 26: Skeletons of the Illyrian Fleet is set along the Seven Cities peninsula.

Want to fight for the underdog?

Take a trek out to Krakova!

Calling Krakova an underdog is an understatement to the hellish war they’ve endured. The Province of Krakovar is now part of the vampiric Blood Kingdom, as the city’s royal family fled to Dornig. Princess Hristina, of the famed Ghost Knights, is the Protector of its capital, Krakova, and she rules with vengeance and bloodshed.

Vampires overwhelm Krakova, and the people live in fear. The city is a myriad of harbor islands, creating a network of ports that support the city’s profitable trade industry. The industry did not suffer, but the thriving trade route in the harbor islands is dormant as the vampires continue to run and ruin Krakova.

The vampires’ hold on the city cannot stand forever. The bloodsuckers face mounting pressure from external enemies and an uprising from within the city. The residents, ranging from ousted nobility to peasants, reject the cruel reign at the hands of Hristina. The underdogs need help to reclaim their city and fight back against the tyranny of the horde.

Mermaid Island, the largest of the trade ports, is closed on the order of the Protector Princess Hristina. Rumor is that the island is alive in the darkness. Perhaps locals are trying to salvage something, or maybe new residents are hiding in plain sight. Regardless, Mermaid Island needs investigation.

Krakova Resources

Warlock Lair 3, Spelldrinkers Cavern, is set in the northern hills of Krakova.

Warlock Lair 62, The Food that Food Eats, involves adventure in both Krakova and Dornig.

Warlock Patreon: Blood Kingdoms includes a trio trio of blood-soaked horrors from the crags of Krakovar.

Find out more about Midgard!

Ready to find out more about this amazing place?

The Midgard Worldbook is your first stop for Midgard! This packed-to-the-rafters campaign setting tells you all about the world, where you can start, and plenty of places where adventurers can meet their ends.

Want to go deeper? Our Patreon zine, Warlock, publishes brand new Midgard content every month! At a slightly higher tier, Warlock Lairs features unique adventures set in Midgard!

Or cut straight to the chase and get material bundled in Warlock Grimoire! Each Grimoire collects several issues of the zine together for ease of reading!

Check back next week for the final stop on our whirlwind tour of Midgard!

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