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Warlock Lair 3: Spelldrinkers Cavern (PDF)


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Game System

D&D 5e


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Adventure Level

Level 3 to 4


“I can’t believe that Segismonde would do such a thing. He had a haunted look about him, yes, but he was such a kind man. Even a hero in the wars against Morgau’s bloodsuckers, I hear. I was happy when he started teaching magic to our little ones. Even happier when he took the apprentices to his hermitage in the hills, ‘cause it kept their spells from dashing all the cupboards and dishes. Now I don’t know what to think. Please save them… please save my Dahlia.”

In the hills north of Varshava in the Electoral Kingdom of Krakova, once lived a hero named Segismonde. He was a wizard and a vampire hunter of great renown in olden days, but, by the time he retired to his hermitage in the Krakovan hills, he was just Old Segismonde. Some still remembered his heroics and begged the old wizard to teach their children in the arcane arts…

A short 5th Edition adventure by James J. Haeck for 4 characters of 3rd level. Includes a map by Dyson Logos.

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