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Warlock Lair 15: Ill-Met By Moonlight


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Keep Aunun is the seat of a domain in the Grand Duchy of Dornig, right along the eastern border of the Arbonesse Forest. It is well known for its fine farmland, cattle, and horses, and the keep itself marks the western edge of a small town. And yet things are not peaceful of late; the Dornish are distressed by nightly kidnappings that have resulted in over a dozen people missing. Lord Roth Cereck Aunun, ruler of the area, has offered a reward of 2,500 gp to anyone who can end the abductions.

Unfortunately, earning this reward may require tampering with the Shadow Realm because a gateway to shadow, lost during the Black Sorceress’ Revolt, has returned. The gateway reveals a fragment of the shadow road and its missing watchhouse, once used by the Courts of the Shadow Fey to support raids on Dornish lands. The reappearance of the watchhouse is not yet well known in the Courts, and certain quite dangerous individuals are taking advantage of its return.

This short, shadow-infused adventure is designed for four 6th or 7th level characters. This 5th Edition adventure is written by Carlos Ovalle and Holly Ovalle, and it features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Karl Waller.

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