D&D Economics, Part 4

D&D Economics, Part 4

Rule 31. Arch Wizard Miltonous Freidmanicus first coined the phrase “Trickle Down Economics” to describe his theory of economics which should control inflation and thus ensure a properly functioning sustainable growth curve. The cornerstone of his philosophy is never taxing adventurers. An untaxed adventurer is a motivated adventurer and willing to continue to grow his or her networth at a startling rate. Most high level adventurers live and work in towers and castles atop high hills. Eventually every bag of holding exceeds its capacity and some coins fall out and trickle down the hill to be gathered up by the serfs living in the gutters.[More…]

Rule 32. It is shocking how many thousands of gold pieces are spent defending hundreds of gold pieces. It is more cost effective to leave your money in a pile on the floor than spend the amount of money it would cost to keep it safe in a trapped chest.

Rule 33. Frustrated life long single class fighter Huskarl Marks coined the phrase “Class Warfare” to describe the clear discrepancy of the “treasure market” to provide high priced magical rewards to Wizards and Clerics at the expense of the harder working fighting classes. In his landmark treaties – The Das Treasure Manifesto – he also coined the phrases “The Fighters control the means of experience accumulation” and “To each according to his needs from each according to his abilities scores”.

Rule 34. There is no miracle of compound interest – your campaign will not last long enough.

Rule 35. Wandering monsters make subsistence farming is the worlds most dangerous job.

36. Mining is the world second most dangerous job. Every mine ever built has a major catastrophe, followed by renovations by vile monster types. Mining companies would be more profitable if they employed adventurers to explore existing mines.

Rule 37. The magical creation of food and water make subsistence farming the worlds least profitable job.

Rule 38. The world is full of colleges and universities. You will never meet a single person with a degree from one of these institutions. Nor will you run into a back pack wielding student… somehow they manage to survive.

Rule 39. The entire meat processing industry is run by serial killers. Don’t eat the hotdogs.

Rule 40. In a world full of demons, devils, dread necromancers, death cults, and hordes of blood thirsty humanoids, multinational corporations are considered too evil to exist.

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