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Con Report

Virtual Gary Con

Gary Con is here! VIRTUALLY!!! Join us as we self-isolate together with virtual dice and so much cheer. Gary Con is this weekend, and you can find out more and a schedule of events here.

Gen Con: One More for the Books

Gen Con 2019 is done, and I’m on the long road back to upstate NY. This was my fifth year of seriously coordinating convention games for Kobold Press. We’ve had wonderful volunteers in years past, and this year was no different.

Con Report: PaizoCon 2019

And what a delightful weekend was had. Much excitement, much gaming… much friends! The latest PaizoCon did, of course, not disappoint. Thank you to everyone that stopped by and made this another wonderful year, and thank you to Paizo for putting on the wonderful show.

Con Report: Gamehole Con

Gamehole Con! Hello, Madison! Just a few quick snaps of the Kobold booth. Lots of magical tomes available here, including some rare gems like limited edition, leatherette  copies of the Midgard Worldbook, Creature Codex, and shockingly, Southlands. Plus issues of Warlock and so much more. Not to mention real live kobolds. (Come say “Hi!”)

Kobold Gamemastering SuperStar Panel from PaizoCon

Our all-star panel from Guide to Gamemastering was recorded by Know Direction! Hear Wolfgang Baur, Sean K Reynolds, James Jacobs, Amanda Hamon Kunz, Dan Dillon, and Bill Webb of Frog God Games talk over some high-powered GM tips and tricks.…/paizocon-2017-017-kobold…/

Con Report: MarsCon

Get Some Midgard in the Wild Are you looking for a table of Midgard-flavored gaming goodness? We’ve got tables showing up at conventions in the coming months. GM and designer Mike McKeown is going to be running “Madman at the Bridge” and “Debt of Blood” at Marscon 2017 on January 13-15th, 2017—Williamsburg, VA—Tidewater Virginia’s longest …

Con Report: MarsCon Read More »

Con Report: Strategicon

Nick Milasich ran a couple sessions of “The Madman at the Bridge” from Tales of Zobeck at this year’s Strategicon Gamex 2016 in Los Angeles. Prizes were given, pics were taken, and great fun was had by all! Thanks, Nick! Looks like so much fun and wish we could have joined in.

Gen Con: The Pics

Gen Con has been a whirlwind adventure. And winning the ENnie for the 2016 Silver for Best Setting for the Southlands Campaign Setting is truly wonderful! Thanks to everyone who voted. But the shenanigans are far from over yet. More soon…!

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