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Interview: Autophagia, Crunch, & an Evil Little Chuckle

Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel used to be known mostly for creating gruesome and challenging RPG monsters. And some folks might think of him as the editor-in-chief of Goodman Games’ new 4E-only RPG magazine, Level Up, our worthy competition. Not me, though. For I have faced one of his half-dragon turtles and lived—barely—to tell about it. The

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3E Kitsune PCs

The kitsune are a PC race for 4th Edition D&D in Kobold Quarterly #9 — but they’re also available as a 3rd Edition/OGL PC race right here. Because free is good. In myths and legends, the kitsune are shapeshifters with their own racial items, incantations, and their own innate magic. What makes these tricksters tick?

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The Passing of Time

You know, Kobold Quarterly isn’t meant to be timely. We publish infrequently. We don’t really keep up with the industry hotness or aim to match a publisher’s release cycle. But sometimes we stumble into timeliness, much against our will. Kobold Quarterly issue #9 is a bittersweet case in point. The issue has great articles, from

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Free Dice

Want dice? Kobold Quarterly‘s got them and we’re literally giving them away! Kobold Quarterly is ready to give something back to every new subscriber: we are giving away hundreds of sets of free Q-Workshop dice. These aren’t just any dice, either – they are Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Elven, Runic and other dice sets that

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Missing Kobolds?

Are you missing a few kobolds? Would you like to save some money and have a complete collection? Well, you can answer yes to both and save some dough with the Kobold Quarterly bundles! We got a reader request and jumped right to it. Our minions have compiled issues #1 to #4 and issues #5

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