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More Reviews of Kobold Quarterly #12

More Reviews of Kobold Quarterly #12

Kobold Quarterly #12 has been out for over a month and there are still reviews steadily pouring in. Find out what the buzz is about.

(We were even able to fool those grumpy gnomes.)

Wow, that’s really a nice piece of writing; it’s all practical and no joke. This article alone is worth the price of admission. But even Kobolds can roll a natural 20; let’s see what else is in here.

Either Kobolds have really evolved, or there’s something more going on here. Maybe their three ENnies are well-deserved.

Do I like Kobold Quarterly? As a Gnome, I’ll go on record as saying that the name needs some work; nothing this good should be named after those filthy critters.

That said, actions speak louder than words: I’m subscribing today. It’s that good.

Read the full review at Gnome Stew.


Phillipe Menard, or ChattyDM… talks about spicing up combat encounters in DnD 4ed with skill challenges. Even though I’m not fan of DnD 4ed, I do concede that using skills to affect the outcome of combat is a good idea. I found the article to be a good and intriguing read.

In an article by Scott Gable, he discusses and lays out several specialty priests. What make these unique is how he takes a current base class adds, removes, and modifies features to come up with a specialty priest.

… Monte Cook’s “The Myths and Realities of Game Balance”… article alone is worth the price of the magazine.

…it seems well worth it to both get great material and to support a company that is gathering up and printing great material.

Read the full review at The Bone Scroll.


I really had trouble picking out three articles from the most recent issue of Kobold Quarterly. Not that it’s a bad issue—the exact opposite, it’s amazing! Too good, that I couldn’t just pick three articles.

Telkari, Inevitable of Death… If the fluff wasn’t delicious enough, he also can cause the “clockwork plague” where the victim finds their insides being slowly replaced by clockwork parts.

Elves: The Fallen Ones… Another example of some really fantastic fluff… by John Wick… it takes the backstory of the elves and gives it a bit of a darker look…

This issue of Kobold Quarterly is even better than the last one I looked at…

Read the full review atallgeektout.

We’ve got a little something for everybody. Pick up your own copy of Kobold Quarterly #12. (Or pick up a gift subscription for your favorite gnome.)

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  1. Am I imagining things, or does the caveat “I don’t play 4E, but” or “I’m not a fan of 4E, but” appear in a lot of reviews of KQ?

    Does anyone have any links to reviews of KQ by 4E players? I’d be really interested to see how the magazine looks from their (our) perspective.

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