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Your Whispering Homunculus: 50 Treasures of the Southlands, Part One

Your Whispering Homunculus: 50 Treasures of the Southlands, Part One

Photo by lisasolonynko

“Well, what, your domeness?”
“You’re covered in dust—explain.”
“Ah, the dust. Yes, well, I was under the Great Stair and—”
“You are not to go under-stairs, ever. You’ve only been briefly in my employ and would do well to remember the last homunculus that pried too deeply into my affairs and property.”
“Yes, master. I was drawn by the curious red leather tome with its ankh and scarab motif lying atop that hefty tea-chest, and—”
“Enough, those are treasures from my recent trip to the fabled Southlands. Keep your prying eyes out. Now, as punishment, get up the chimney and get all the soot out, and if you find a small boy up there, tell him I have no intention of paying a chimneysweep who has the audacity to get stuck and clog my study with smoke.”

As a sister to our previous articles Treasures of the Pharaohs and Treasures of the Rajahs, we humbly present for your delectation this article, which itemizes a few trinkets of unusual treasure from the fabled Southlands Campaign Setting. You can use these treasures to spice up troves of well-traveled wizard, bard, or other collectors. No prices have been set for the items, so you to drop them at any stage into your adventures:

  1. A Cindass-made gem-set gold broach depicting lions eating holy-men
  2. A Dabu Zawoda bronze model of a bird, its claws made of real bird claws
  3. A bronze and silver inkwell from the Dominion of the Wind Lords, depicting eagles tearing humans apart
  4. A Nuria Natalian parquetry table inlaid with mother of pearl faces and tortoiseshell camels with human heads
  5. A walnut and steel Nurumbeki wedding chest crammed with fine textiles, in the base of the chest is a curious doll made of human hair
  6. A pottery panel in a wooden frame illustrating the acts of Horus, on the rear of the panel a lion savages a prone gnoll beneath a depiction of a three-peaked mountain surrounded by crooked eagles
  7. A gnollish carved bone and wood spear scoured by the winds of Dabu, burnt into the shaft are human fingermarks
  8. An Oasis of Figs marble slab depicting elephants pulling men apart whilst their masters—a group of jinn—make merry with a trio of hyena-faced dancers
  9. A jinnborn skull with golden teeth, the skull has been bored into over a dozen times
  10. A Tes-Lurian mummified sphinx hand wearing a gold and bone ring depicting the Pillared Portico
  11. The whole skeleton of a huge white ape allegedly killed on the Black Lotus Mesa
  12. An exquisitely carved figurine of a camel, set with obsidians and carved from a piece of the World Tree
  13. A Nuria Natalian birch bark and quill scissors case inlaid with depictions of jinn feasting on living cattle
  14. A gnollish-made beaded battle skirt
  15. An earthenware and silver water jug with a glass and brass stopper portraying the banner of the Kingdom of Morreg
  16. A carved stone and walnut spice cabinet with a hidden curved dagger held in camel skin behind one drawer
  17. A trio of beehives, burnt into which are the seal of the Saffron Rajah. Held within each of the hives is a horribly-stung human head, the expression on which seems to suggest the heads were somehow alive within the hives at one time
  18. A High Jungles carved bamboo mask depicting demons eating Kush
  19. Two carved wooden Nangui stools depicting incubi cavorting with human females, on the underside of each stool is a large carved egg
  20. A dragonhide sail from the Corsair Coast depicting dragons fighting over a terrified naked human, sewn into the sail are gnoll finger bones
  21. A Per-Bastet carved wooden divination group depicting three temple cats wrapped in silver and fetish material
  22. A High Jungles wooden drum made of gnoll flesh and supported on a four-faced vine lord
  23. A Sudvall travelling medicine cabinet made of polished ebony and brass set with kobold finger-bone handles
  24. A gnoll helmet mask made of bone, gold and polished stones with stylized hares’ ears flanked by female figures
  25. A Corremel alabaster cosmetic pot with glass stopper within which is a smiling monkey face


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6 thoughts on “Your Whispering Homunculus: 50 Treasures of the Southlands, Part One”

  1. Totally just had a geek-freak-out moment where I literally said out loud, “Wow! Richard Pett just wrote a Whispering Homunculus about my book!”

    Thanks Richard!

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