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Your Whispering Homunculus: 100 Noteworthy NPCs (part two)

Your Whispering Homunculus: 100 Noteworthy NPCs (part two)

Your Whispering Homunculus

As a busy GM, you have enough on your plate writing or preparing adventures for your next gaming session. Here at YWH, as you know, we like to share your burden. For this session, we have a few one shot or single-notable-fact NPCs to spice up your adventures. Perhaps, the PCs meet them on their journey between adventures. Maybe, they are important NPCs in need of a little extra tweak to get attention. Or maybe, the PCs ask someone unexpected for information, and you need an immediate fact to make the NPC noteworthy.

Why are the NPCs this way? Well, that’s entirely down to you to decide—or not, as you wish. Whatever the occasion, the homunculus always tries its best to please.

51. Has a broach made from crabs and seaweed and a cloak made of kelp
52. Kicks any cat that comes near
53. Wears a hat made of cake
54. Somehow always manages to turn the conversation around to baking
55. Tows a cauldron around on a tiny cart
56. Claims to have a pet wasp
57. Claims their aunt is a were-stoat
58. Is working on a life-size mud sculpture of a dragon turtle and aims to frighten children with it
59. Offers to sweep the PCs’ chimneys whenever they meet them
60. Suspects the local squirrel population is working for a demon
61. Tends to ludicrously exaggerate
62. Is convinced the world is a flea on the back of a gigantic three-headed celestial badger and is building a vast megaphone to communicate
63. Is working on an ark as the world is about to flood
64. Sets hundreds of mouse traps
65. Is dressed in a crocodile costume
66. Plans to set up a giant bee hive and has just started work
67. Is always carrying thatch around but never seems to do any thatching
68. Has an extra eye
69. Has two fingers missing on their left hand and a tattoo depicting a one-eyed shark playing a harp
70. Manages somehow to look in two directions at once
71. Is a really crap potter who constantly tries to sell their wares
72. Is convinced the moon is made of marzipan
73. Has two pet sheep as constant companions
74. Dresses entirely in purples
75. Has an annoying habit of making origami snakes (the same each time) and hiding them in stranger’s pockets
76. Uses obscure words and claims they are common locally
77. Smells excessively of lemons
78. Always sees the worst in strangers
79. Is always seen pushing an empty wheelbarrow
80. Believes that eating a spider a day will keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise
81. Has a nose with three nostrils
82. Eats raw onions constantly
83. Changes their name hourly
84. Wears a hat with a ridiculously wide brim, in case of rain
85. Is dressed as the Tarrasque
86. Constantly carries the same caber about
87. Has always lost something
88. Believes that anyone who says the word greetings is in league with devils and must be watched and then burnt
89. Their spouse ran away with a ten-foot-pole maker, and they still haven’t got over it
90. Talks to their spouse as if they are nearby even though they left with an iron spike merchant twelve years ago and haven’t been back since
91. Tends for comic effect to hang a glove full of pig fat from their chin and pretend to be a monster to frighten local children
92. Can’t really be bothered today
93. Doesn’t like anybody
94. Likes everyone
95. Believes they can fly but only does so when alone and at night
96. Claims to have twenty-five partners living with them
97. Has eyebrows you could camp in
98. Smells suspiciously of meringue
99. Has painted one half of their face yellow
100. Has misplaced their glass eye


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