Oddities in the SouthlandIn the center of the Southlands is the great Kusini Plains: a serengeti-like savannah home to countless numbers of wildlife, megafauna, and towering dinosaurs. Many kingdoms and civilizations have risen and fell in this massive area, leaving only remnants and ruins behind.

With the detritus of so many destroyed and once overlapping cultures littering the landscape, characters are sure to run across strange oddities and mysterious bits of junk. Gamemasters are encouraged to make these sorts of items both common and easily found. In general, oddities do not usually have alchemical, extraordinary, or magical powers beyond really minor effects.

Here are some of the oddities that we came up with:

  • Thin metal can with a small, resealable opening.
  • Strange mesh pouch filled with small nuggets of a food substance that never spoil.
  • Folded squares of parchment that seem blank until touched in the center. They then produce an image of an unknown face, or of the bearer’s face.
  • A small rod with a crystal on the tip and a button; it hums when the button is pressed but seemingly does nothing else.
  • A palm-sized, rectangular box made of horn with no openings and two buttons. Pressing one button causes the box to say something unintelligible and then cry out.
  • An egg-shaped container filled with a lump of very viscous, malleable material the size of a baby’s fist. If struck with a spark cantrip, the material holds its shape for six hours and becomes very durable. (Hardness 10, 10 hp)
  • A charcoal or pumice lozenge about two fingers wide and long, hanging from a leather cord. Twice per day, it removes non-poison impurities from up to 5 gallons of water, even turning salt water to freshwater. If used more than twice, it turns black and does not function for 1d4 days.

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