The Raven's CallIn this fifth edition adventure, the trollkin and their shaman have come to a village by the sea, stormed its walls, and taken all the villagers as slaves and property. They have eaten their way through the saltfish, devoured the herd of sheep, and might be planning to eat the PCs next. Then, one escaped villager begs strangers on the road for help… And gives them the chance to shine as true heroes striking down raiders of pure evil.

The Raven’s Call is an adventure for 3rd-level characters that brings mythic power and a true rescue story for fifth edition, and introduces locales and NPCs that players will never forget. It offers new monsters and new magic in the unique style of Wolfgang Baur, one of the leading RPG adventure designers.

A truly heroic adventure that players will never forget, this is a classic-style fifth edition adventure for 3rd-level PCs near any wooded shore. It includes six pregenerated characters for immediate play or for use as NPCs. You can find it at the Kobold Press store, DriveThru RPG, and RPGNow!

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