Monster Chronicles: The InevitableWhat are reviewers saying about Monster Chronicles: The Inevitable and Monster Chronicles: The Nightmare?

… you have a cult on your hands. A cult, in this instance, which believes that the universe runs like clockwork and anything, anyone who might interfere needs to be dealt with. Permanantly.

There is plenty packed in here, feats and modifications available to inevitables, the domains available to clerics who worship Zurvan and more.

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All of this provides excellent material for fleshing out or adding additional flavour to any Nightmare encounter, allowing players and GMs to craft quests, goals or entire adventures that go beyond simply slaying the beast or capturing a powerful, evil mount.

I found the text dedicated to Nightmares as mount full of useful information for both player and GM, with numerous adventure hooks and tips for role playing relationships between Nightmare and rider.

Again, excellent fluff, which I intend to use on my PCs </spoiler alert> at a later date. The PDF ends with a new Nightmare variant—the Karabasan. As mentioned above, both the similarities and differences between the Karabasan and a normal nightmare provides an interesting challenge to players. It’s always nice to mess with a player’s monster expectations.

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You can never have too many monsters for your game.

If you happen to want to add the details of nightmares to your game, then Monster Chronicles: Nightmare is exactly what you want. It nicely develops a classic creature from Dungeons & Dragons as promised adding quite a few juicy little details and so fleshing it out. In doing it gets the series off to a promising start.

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