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January 2024 Kobold Roundup

January 2024 Kobold Roundup

The new year started fast and furious for Kobold Press! In January we launched some exciting new products, with even more exciting news coming in February.

Game Master’s Guide

We started off January with the next book for the Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game, the Game Master’s Guide. This advanced guide book for GMs provides what you need to take your games to the next level. We’re already over goal and have stretch goals including new adventures, unique UV dice trays, and matching dice. Thanks to everyone who has backed so far!

Guide to Roleplaying

Our newest Kobold Guide also hit the shelves in January, bringing together some of the best talent in the industry. Thoughtful, practical essays from seasoned RPG writers such as Michael E. Shea, Keith Ammann, Shanna Germain, and Luke Gygax, percolate alongside roleplaying influencers including Ginny Di, B. Dave Walters, Bob World Builder, and Clint McElroy (and that’s not even everybody!).

Bottom line, the Kobold Guide to Roleplaying is a must-have. It’s over 100 pages of ideas and suggestions for bringing out all the exceptional dispositions, temperaments, emotions, and quirks of every NPC the player characters meet. Check out what ComicCon has to say about the Kobold Guide to Roleplaying.

What the Kobold Guide to Roleplaying does so incredibly well is that it manages to provide something useful to the open-minded veteran or the fresh-faced novice looking for ways to better hone their roleplaying tactics and grow their group storytelling skills without feeling at any point judgmental or critical of the skills you currently have in your toolbox.” 


Margreve PDF, Grimoire 4, Digital Map Packs!

Fans of Kobold Press will be happy to hear that we released some long awaited products this month: Warlock Grimoire IV, new Digital Map Packs, and a fresh Margreve PDF for the Midgard faithful.

  • Warlock Grimoire IV brings the final installment in Kobold Press’s beloved anthology series. Unlock the secrets of a dark and fantastical world, including impossible creatures, forbidden magics, and breathtaking environments.
  • Marauders of the Margreve is a new 15-page PDF title containing a wealth of information for game masters running an adventure within the ancient Margreve forest.

GenCon Community GMs

We want to say a special thank you to the 1500+ people who applied to be a GenCon 2024 Community GM for Kobold Press. We were shocked by the amount of interest and love that you all poured into your applications. We could only accept about 6% of GMs this year, but we have firm plans for more games and more GMs next year.

Remember to keep an eye on our social media and Discord as we’ll have more GM opportunities open for other conventions in 2024 including Game Con Canada and Gamehole Con.

Next Up For Kobold Press

We’ve got 11 more months to pack this year. Let’s goooo!

Discord Subscriptions

In February we will launch the brand-new Kobold Press Discord Subscriptions! There will be two tiers to choose from, each providing access to different things including monthly store credit and free PDFs. Joining our Discord server to learn more and catch the launch.

Kobold Con 2024

Yes that right! We’re launching our first-ever online convention celebrating all things Kobold Press! Kobold Con 2024 is scheduled for this Summer, and will become an annual event.

We’ll have big announcements in February revealing partners, schedule, fundraisers, streams, and much much more for this Kobold-rific event. Get hyped because we’ll be doing something we’ve never done before—a live-streamed reveal of upcoming projects and products for 2024! Kobold Con 2024 will be the best place to learn about never-before-seen Kobold Press goodies.

We know you’ve got questions. So do we! We’ll get answers for everybody real soon. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss our first major Kobold Con announcement (plus you get a free PDF!)

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