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Project Black Flag Friday: Publishing Partners

Project Black Flag Friday: Publishing Partners

Happy Black Flag Friday!

Project Black Flag aims to create a new game that keeps the 5E D&D flame alive for those that love it.

Project Black Flag is a set of open, core game mechanics that anyone can use to publish game content. It will fill in gaps in the SRD, improve existing 5E material, and ensure a 5E monster book and player book remain available for everyone. 

We’re not doing this alone. Along with the support of the community, several publishers are committed to products that are PBF compatible 5E material or PBF originals.

Raise your flag in welcome to our first wave of Publishing Partners!

Ghostfire Gaming
Steamforged Games
Nord Games
Frog God Games
The Griffon’s Saddlebag
Hit Point Press
The Vineyard RPG
The Word Refinery
Dungeon Scribe
Mage Hand Press

29 thoughts on “Project Black Flag Friday: Publishing Partners”

  1. This is awesome! Now here’s the big question… will one be able to play PBF with 3rd party material inside of of Demiplane? Because that’s the BIG thing that I need to see to get me to adopt Black Flag.

      1. Don’t worry; they love to quote a line by a scifi author who was trowing a tantrum at not getting nominated for an award like it’s some sort of holy mantra, even as their own fail to make anything anyone wants and vanish. They can’t let reality touch them, or it’ll prove they’ve wasted years of their life & have nobody to blame but themselves.

      2. 5e wasn’t “woke” for its first several years, and it became more and more popular. Some of their more recent products have apparently become relatively more “woke,” and reportedly their sales numbers have been dropping off even before the OGL fiasco, triggering the “One D&D” shift.
        Maybe that’s connected, maybe it isn’t, but 5e is not an example that would refute the slogan. By all appearances, the more WotC tried to tailor their products to “modern audiences,” the more popular OSR products and product lines became.

        1. What nonanecdotal evidence do you have that sales of DnD 5e declined over time? Also assuming you have evidence of declining sales, what nonanecdotal evidence do you have that links that decline to a perceived increased level of “wokeness”?

          As far as I can tell there are publicized data from WoTC with regards to sales figures of their books, nor is there been any data from WoTC about consumer responses to products. If you have found this information I would greatly appreciate it if you would share it with us.

        1. Any explanation without the support of data is just conjecture, but if you want a better explanation of why there could in theory be a decrease in sales of DnD 5e product line, here goes:

          One Better Explanation:
          DnD 5e streamlined the game in many areas that formerly provided depth to the roleplaying experience and also allowed for a greater number of products to be released by WoTC. With fewer options for players to choose from with their characters, the drive for players to purchase books beyond the PHB has decreased. So with only DMs looking to purchase other books you would see a decrease in sales.

          A Second Better Explanation:
          There are many more 3rd party books that are designed to be integrated into DnD 5e (ex. the Tomb of Beasts series by Kobold Press) so with the increase in 5e DnD content from other companies, the sales of WoTC’s on 5e DnD could theoretically decreases.

        2. Another possible explanation…

          If there indeed has been a decrease in sales is the cost of the books. The core books for DnD 3e and 3.5 all cost in the range of $30-$35. The standard MSRP for the 5e books is $50. A $15-$20 increase in cost is a way better explanation.

  2. Saw a video on this from Nerd Immersion. Glad you’re sending him a flag. When do the rest of us get to buy one? We would love to wave the flag, too.

  3. Opinion here: Instead of having ‘special edition’ covers just have one awesome cover for your books that make people proud to have them on their bookshelf.

  4. Agree with Daniel and book art.

    Side question- how do we access the playtest material? The email didn’t contain a link for the character building information that was announced recently

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