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Marauders of the Margreve (PDF)


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In the World of Midgard, the Woods are Dark and Deep.

The Great Northern Road runs through the Margreve forest like a delicate thread of safety and civilization. This forest is older than the gods of Midgard themselves, and contains ancient mysteries and unusual denizens.

This 15-page PDF title contains a wealth of information for Game Masters running an adventure within the tall trees of the Margreve:

  • Discover landmarks and points of interest that can serve as launching points for adventure
  • Meet colorful characters and powerful agents of the forest, including the Vagrant Sage, Alseid deer-centaurs and the mythic Fogrolls Sphinx
  • Unlock powerful resources contained within the Margreve, including hunting grounds, powerful herbal remedies and the art of Greve Coursing
  • Ancient relics of the wood, chase encounter tables and more!

Whether running a Midgard campaign or building a magical forest of your own design, Marauders of the Margreve offers plenty of material for players who dare to seek adventure among the ancient trees.

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