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Larger Than Life coverAre your adventurers ready for a larger challenge? As in, physically larger—though size isn’t the only thing our collection of giants brings to your gaming table.

Why not find out if they’re prepared?

Larger Than Life gives you everything you need to bring these terrifying titans to your table. This 76-page book by RPG Superstar Mike Welham offers Thursir, Hill, Frost, Stone, Fire, Cloud, and Storm Giant NPCs—plus new spells, feats, and gear to strike terror into the hearts of puny adventurers.

A selection of gigantic highlights includes:

  • Berserkers and Avalanche Riders!
  • Dung Boulders and Magma Boulders!
  • Chieftains, war mammoths, and dire animal companions!
  • New stone giants spells from the bones of the earth!
  • The runes and metalcraft of the mystic thursir!
  • Empyreal weapons and armor of the storm and cloud giants!

With this supplement from Kobold Press, your valiant adventurers will see rocks shatter, trees ignite, and bones break! All with a Larger Than Life satisfying level of crunch.

So, go big and send puny humans packing—grab Larger Than Life today!

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