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Flying Towers Contest Winner!

Flying Towers Contest Winner!

The Broken Hilt by Sean McNallyWe recently posted a cartography contest that started off with a vote to determine what type of map budding cartographers should craft for us. The voting public decided that they wanted to see flying towers. Because we had a lower number of submissions than we’d hoped to receive, our panel of judges took a look at those who shared their craft with us and determined a winner from among the participants. It’s time to reveal that winner right here and right now!

Sean McNally provided us with the map called The Broken Hilt, and we present it here to you so that you may enjoy using it in your game!

Congratulations, Sean, and thank you for submitting such a fun and useful map.

We also thank our esteemed panel of judges: Wolfgang Baur, Alyssa Faden, and Jon Roberts. Additionally, many thanks go to all those who submitted their maps and sharing the fruits of their artistic labors with us. The judges all enjoyed this contest!

4 thoughts on “Flying Towers Contest Winner!”

  1. Yes, we were surprised at the low turnout, but I think there are just less cartographers (or just people confident in their map skills) than there are writers and artists.

    Good idea to post the Tower of the Storm Lord, and thank you for entering the contest!

  2. Pete von Bleichert

    Just not that impressed. A square tower on a chunk of rock? Okay, so, low turnout on this one… Please do not be deterred from future such contests. Though pressed for precious time during this particular contest window, if this is the winner, I am inspired to try next time around. Please, let there be a next time around; do not give up one your (busy) kobold-worshiping minions. Thanks.

  3. Well, I /am/ impressed. Quite impressed actually. This is a fine piece of work, especially given the time crunch, and imminently useful in my campaign.

    While Kobold might not have received many submissions for this contest, they were fortunate to receive one of such high quality.

    Great job Sean.

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