Review of KQ#6 at ENWorld

The review of the latest issue at ENWorld is very kind, and points out for particular praise both the Ecology of the Phantom Fungus and the Tiefling article by David “Zeb” Cook. As to whether we’ll be able to continue with color interior pages next issue, well, that depends on subscriptions and advertisers, as you …

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Interview with James Jacobs

James Jacobs is the editor-in-chief of Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder line. Over the years, he has worked as the associate and later the managing editor of Dungeon magazine. He’s been the developer, lead designer, the guy who adds material here and there, and even the cartographer on projects for Bastion Press, Green Ronin Publishing, Wizards of …

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Open Design Wins Diana Jones Award

I’m completely floored by it, but Open Design has tied for this year’s Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. My co-winner is Jason Morningstar, for Grey Ranks. I’m shocked, but so very pleased. Who knew that the “weird” patronage approach would win awards?

Kobolds Visit GenCon

Kobold Quarterly is taking a short break from the magazine mines to visit the glories of Indianapolis, Indiana, home to the Gen Con show. If you are doing the same, please do make a short pilgrimage to booth 2515 to say hello or visit with us at the KQ Freelancing seminar on Friday. Postings will …

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Kobolds Can’t Count

KQ is a quarterly. And yet here we are, doing a fifth issue. Sure, we’re calling it an annual, but really kobolds can’t count. Our innumeracy is your gain! The PDF issue has gone out to subscribers, and those lucky folks also get a free copy of the Kobold Death Maze adventure from Super Genius …

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Some Little Plans

There’s so much going on with KQ behind the scenes right now it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s start with this. I’m currently on the hunt for a full-page comic to appear in the magazine. The Goblins strip, for instance, might be something in the right direction. What do you think of Goblins, …

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Monte and Me

For many years, I’ve had a strange relationship with that notorious nice guy, Mr. Monte Cook. We’ve collaborated on projects like the Dark*Matter campaign setting and the Beyond Countless Doors Planescape retrospective. And Malhavoc Press. This year, though, all that friendly feeling has to go out the window, More…

First Print Issue

The first issue of KQ is currently available in the store in an extremely limited quantity. If you’d like a copy of the issue that started it all, give it a look now, because when they are gone, they’re gone.

Free Adventures

Everyone loves free stuff, which is why we love Free RPG Day. While KQ is (alas), not giving away a freebie this year, many other find companies are, including WotC, White Wolf, Paizo, Green Ronin, and Margaret Weis Productions. The creator of Kobold Quarterly comics Bolt & Quiver and 10 by 10 Toon, the mighty …

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New Math

Kobold Quarterly, or KQ if you like, is one year old. Thank you to all of you—readers, designers, artists, and everyone who has contributed—for making it happen. It’s a sad fact that most new magazines don’t survive, and KQ has at least as many foes as your typical kobold. Like our wily mascot, though, we’re …

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