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Night of the Zombie King

Night of the Zombie King has begun! This is a six-part series from the creators of Gold: The Series, and it looks good. Much like Gold, this web offering has great production values and a subtle but engaging opening sequence. For episodes ranging from 6–7 minutes, a 20-second introduction is a respectable dedication of screen …

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Gold: The Series

GOLD, “the web series that does double damage,” is an interesting product. On one hand, it’s a niche within a niche within a niche. What do I mean by that? At its core, GOLD is about tabletop RPG gaming epitomized by Dungeons & Dragons, but it is also a web series with a distinct soap …

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Contested Steel: Your Chance to Win!

Like Todd Gdula’s Real Steel series? Are you a patron of our project Streets of Zobeck for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game? Well, then you’ll love this: We’ll award this very shiv from Real Steel, newly forged by Todd Gdula, to one lucky patron. How can you win? After selecting all six adventures for the upcoming Streets of Zobeck anthology, …

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Action: Failure

When it comes to skill challenges, failure is not an option. “Of course,” you say. “No one wants to fail a skill challenge.” But this means something else entirely. Skill challenges are generally meant to represent situations or tasks which move the story forward—nonviolent encounters which carry just as much importance as those dealing with …

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Monday Monster: Deathspittle Bombardier

“Ye weren’t there.” Günter’s hand shook as he reached for the tankard. “They donna care what they hit. Donna care who’s in the way, cacklin’ as they fire. Cacklin’…” He gulped at the drink, spilling down his chin, then wiped foam from his braided whiskers with the back of his scarred and puckered hand. “Ye …

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