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Designers Wanted for Streets of Zobeck

Designers Wanted for Streets of Zobeck

There’s treachery afoot on the streets of Zobeck, and I’m excited!

You see, I love cities and all their characters. I always have. I’ve run most of my games in them and spent a lot of time thinking about them. In the fantasy genre you’ve got the stories of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser and Eberron’s Sharn; but also Hawk & Fisher and the Garrett Files—those trips into seedy portions of town where characters initially sought out evil because someone offered them a purse, and then dealt with it because that’s the honorable thing to do… or because the second purse was fat enough.

For a modern day setting, it’s the Usual Suspects, True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, and The Way of the Gun. A story hardboiled enough to bounce when you drop it, and gritty enough you’ll want a shot of whiskey when you’re done.

I’m excited because I’m hoping this project goes down alleyways most RPGs avoid, the darkness of lotus dens and slave markets. I want a collection of the kinds of grim urban scenarios you’ve always wanted but never gotten to run. These are the adventures where you don’t handwave what the rogue did while fencing the loot: you spin up the three other characters he met in the bar before he took care of business and you tell the whole story, warts and all.

And I’m excited by the chance to work with a crew of patrons and designers who love those dark alleys as much as I do.

So join me on the Streets of Zobeck and take your shot at designing one of six black-hearted adventures, or one of the dirty dozen NPCs in this collection!

18 thoughts on “Designers Wanted for Streets of Zobeck”

  1. Sounds like loads of fun. I will start on an idea I have, and invite you to the Google Wave I create it in, if you e-mail me your Google Wave information or send me your e-mail address so I can invite you to Google Wave. Just let me know, and of course it might help if you reveal how much data you want.

  2. I just saw the Bogart movie, “All Through the Night” and it got me into the vibe. You got me thinkin’ Ben, about joining your gang. ;) But if you want me to throw in with you, you’ve gotta cut me in for a piece of the action, see. You play square with me and things will be alright, if you don’t, I’m lible to let you have it, UNDERSTAND? Nobody double-crosses me and get’s away with it! Like that guy Fast Eddie back in the old neighborhood, he tried to play a number on me and he got what’s coming to him! Now, I’m a reasonable man. You cut me in for a fair percentage and everything’s jake. You know what I do is good for business. I’ve never two-timed any outfit I’ve been with! And I’m a clean operator: mums the word… know what I mean?

  3. OK, you talked me into it! I’m a patron!

    I have no idea of what to contribute and no free time, but when has that stopped me before?

  4. @BLynn– Part of the process is the collaborative, open design. ;) Why not join us and bring it up on the forums?

    @TLR– C’mon in, sir…this one fits you like a knife between the ribs.

    @James– I’m picking up what you’re layin’ down, and I can dig that vibe. You meet me in that place we agreed and everyone gets a cut. ;)

    @Lilith– and NPCs love you! ;) It’s always great to have patrons on board with artistic skills like yours. I hope you’ll be able to join us.

    @Steve– Thank you for joining the project, sir!

    Why can’t you other readers be more like Steve? :P Let’s make this greenlight a reality! :D

    See you in the Streets…


  5. I’m already in. I probably won’t have the time to contribute very much, but that hasn’t stopped me before in any of the 8 OD projects I joined.

    @ all who are interested but haven’t decided yet:
    Even if you don’t actively contribute: What you get in the end is among the best quality roleplaying products can be – plus, you get the design process laid out before you as part of the deal, so even just lurking and passively reading is so much fun that I would pay for that alone. Just don’t tell Wolfgang. ;)

  6. Will this project and the Frozen Empires be available to the public, or will they harken back to the previous OD model of patron only?

  7. Glad to have you joining us, @Ampherion!

    @Tauster– Awesome and well said…

    @Krell1– As far as I know, all projects are now open to the public upon completion. Halls was the last project exclusive to the patrons. I defer to Wolfgang, but that’s my understanding.


  8. I must admit I’m still a bit foggy on how the Patron thing works. Are there various levels / costs or is there only one way in, so to speak?

  9. @Marc– check the forum post. I think I’ve answered you there. You join through the store. Think of each patronage as a “share.” Buy 1 share, and you’re a patron. Buy 3 shares and you’re a senior patron…and so on…


  10. Definitely interested in taking a crack at an NPC or two. And as always, I’m still interested in working on any artwork you want to throw my way.

    Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested.

  11. Dave, we’re giving patrons of the project the crack at the NPCs, and will choose the best of the ones submitted to go into print.

    Art, however, is usually commissioned. This project hasn’t even met the bar for whether it goes ahead yet (still seeking patrons), but once it does art will be part of it. Send me a portfolio link sometime in late July.

  12. I’ve never done anything with Open Design before, but I’m interested in this project. Can any patrons submit NPC suggestions to the project, or only those who pay more?

    For example, if I was interested in suggesting an organization and NPC(s), is this feasible, and what patronage level should I purchase if that’s the case?

    Sorry if I’m asking really dumb questions. I’m very unfamiliar with the patronage thing, and still not 100% certain even after reading the FAQ.

  13. Seth-
    All patrons can submit suggestions to the project through posts on the private forums, through voting in the polls, and through playtest and review.

    The larger donors to the project do get first crack at designing mechanics, characters, spells, and the like, but in a few cases those get opened up to all patrons.

    So, in your example, you could propose an organization and NPCs as a regular patron, but if you wanted to submit the writeup and stats for them, you’d want a senior patron membership.

    Not dumb questions at all! This kind of creative collaboration is pretty unusual, and I think you’ll find people happy to discuss it and answer questions.

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