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Your Whispering Homunculus: Treasure of the Pharaohs

Your Whispering Homunculus: Treasure of the Pharaohs

Your Whispering Homunculus

“Stop! Gah, too late, you selfish imp.”

“Master, help! I can’t get this pot off my hand. I was only feeling inside for spiders. Help me remove it, please!”

“It is too late, sluglet. Once you’ve placed your hand inside a gnashing scarab pot there can be only one ending.”

“Which is?”

“You lose whatever you thoughtlessly thrust into it, of course, in a little under a minute from now if it follows the usual pattern. That’s the trouble with pharaoh objects, they are almost always horribly trapped, or cursed, or both. Now, hand me my catalogue of pharaohic artifacts I asked you to find over an hour ago, and get some mint tea ready for my visitor. He has bulging pockets and an obsessive love of things looted from pyramids. And be quick about it. You have only fifty seconds left.”

Treasures come in all shapes and sizes—and from a variety of places. With treasure, variety is almost always a good thing. Our list this week is 50 outré or disturbing treasures found in the land of the pharaohs. These objects need not be looted from pyramids and temples, however. They can be found in any collection, perhaps as part of a vast trove of someone who has an unhealthy love of pyramids and tomb robbing.

The values have not been entered so that you can add those as you wish. Where magic is incorporated, however, be sure to make a judgment accordingly on when and how it is found.

Consider whether such treasures might also be trapped, particularly if the PCs are the first to touch them in centuries. Do they contain poison needles, biting mechanisms, or curses? Do the objects hold further secrets within them that require puzzling, facing further traps, or breaking them?

  1. A clay pot with four faces; one a jackal, one a crocodile, the third a vulture, and the fourth a grinning hawk swallowing a human eye.
  2. A large pot scarab filled with mummified human fingers
  3. A large stone needle carved with figures running from a pyramid with a single eye floating above it; the eye is made from obsidian and set with a ruby center
  4. A funeral urn sealed with a stopper depicting a golden-haired jackal
  5. A mummy wearing a magnificent lapis lazuli necklace
  6. A mummified hand still bearing a scarab ring
  7. Ebony statue of a sphinx with three faces
  8. An ankh of clear thought carved from basalt with a ring of the ram and a ring of protection +2 somehow all threaded through each other
  9. A bamboo staff with a skeletal jackal head
  10. A sun token made of pure gold with dried leather headdress fittings still hanging from it
  11. A gold and human skin figurine of a fish-tailed goat
  12. A clay soul bird figurine pot sealed with a wax owl-head and holding the chaotic remains of a hundred and one owls sealed alive within.
  13. A figurine of a human-headed owl made from mummified body parts, its mouth filled with alligator teeth and its crop holding a pink rhomboid ioun stone
  14. Wooden model of servants preparing food. One of the figures is carved to resemble a spoon, and functions as a sustaining spoon.
  15. Bronze lamp with leaping sun figure being pulled by three heavily pregnant sphinx
  16. The remains of four mummies clearly buried alive in the same sarcophagus
  17. Calcite alabaster panel with a bull-headed god holding two crossed swords upon which are impaled lambs
  18. Large fragment of a basalt statue of a god feasting upon live jackals
  19. A papyrus scroll depicting a ritual disemboweling
  20. A half wooden false foot complete with carved pair of toes set with gold nails
  21. A mummified baby wrapped in funerary wrappings with a solid silver and gold scarab on its neck on a very tight dried leather thong
  22. The skull of a sphinx set with a gold torc depicting a sphinx being pulled apart by wild elephants
  23. A set of toy carved wooden birds made using real bird skulls and feathers
  24. A gigantic sphinx head fully ten feet round
  25. Bronze bull figurine
  26. Green glass intaglio of an aristocrat
  27. A human skull with half a dozen holes drilled into its top
  28. Wooden tomb model of a golden-headed sun god
  29. Section of a relief made with gold and depicting a jackal-headed god pulling down the sun. The sun is actually a ring of djinni-calling
  30. A false door for a tomb inlaid with semiprecious stones
  31. Bronze horse figurine trampling on slave children
  32. Painted limestone incense burner set with a garnet
  33. Painted limestone statue of a crocodile-headed figure standing 6 ft. tall
  34. Red granite sarcophagus containing three interwoven mummies wearing silk shawls with gold wire
  35. Black basalt statue of a lion wearing a gold crown and crushing slaves beneath its paws
  36. Bronze head of a deformed man. Held within the head is a bronze flask that functions as an eversmoking bottle. The head must be broken to access the flask
  37. Archery case painted with brutal scenes of elephant hunting
  38. Mummy sealed in tight spiked girdle, the nails thrusting under the binding
  39. Silver coins of great age depicting forgotten gods and god-kings engaged in carnal acts
  40. Bronze and jasper prow from a barge representing a female god parting waves
  41. Terracotta lamp with silver filigree work depicting lions killing escaping slaves
  42. Sandals with human tendon straps
  43. Ankh made of carved human bone
  44. Bronze incense burner with an ibex figure with a human female body
  45. Gold earring fashioned to represent a man being eaten by a crocodile
  46. Wooden coffin depicting a young woman but holding athe mummy of a jackal
  47. Bronze mirror depicting two falcons fighting over a slave
  48. Burial linen containing a silver and gold funerary mask depicting a raven
  49. Decorative scarab containing human teeth
  50. Mummy pierced with seven spears, clearly thrust in as part of a ritual killing.

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