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Your Whispering Homunculus: Fifty More Passersby, Part Two

Your Whispering Homunculus: Fifty More Passersby, Part Two

“Are you sure you didn’t just make these up, sluglet?”
“Lie to you? Never, master!

Continuing our encounters with more peculiar (and some frankly improbable) NPCs, here are 25 more strange or odd characters your PCs may pass in the street, have a conversation with, or have to interact with to gain some vital clue on their way to the Purple Temple of the Fiendishly Plotting Gas Spores. As ever, use them like seasoning in your tales or when you have need of a quick random person in an adventure.

  1. Kogg dislikes hard work and is always hiding in muckheaps to avoid it
  2. Kugg seems to have a papier-mâché moon and planets hovering around his head and is dressed as an enormous piece of cheese
  3. Melli and Jab walk past, not speaking as usual
  4. Mother Habbin, on her way to beat the village cormorant with a mop
  5. Natwim has a permanent look that something smelling bad is underneath is nose, perhaps it’s his vast walrus moustache hung with tiny voles
  6. Noddy Nodge, with his huge eyes and his chimney sweeps’ brushes, he is covered head to foot in soot every minute of the day
  7. Not Nice Megry has the foulest tongue in the kingdom, has had it ever since here eleven children ran away exactly thirty five years ago next Tuesday
  8. Obry has just found out his wife has run off with his brother and is looking for them with a meat cleaver
  9. Ockle Frinn paints his head black to look like he has hair, he hates rain
  10. Pickle is a hateful little girl who likes pulling the wings off moths and wasps
  11. Portly Prodd always has a half-eaten pie in his hands and talks with his mouth full, he’s secretly in love with his neighbour’s duck
  12. Pron is terrified of birds and dashes from doorway to doorway on her way to church
  13. Qigg the Sweetmeat Man is on the prowl, looking for ladies to use his inconsiderable charms upon
  14. Tab wears the back part of the pantomime horse costume night and day and no one knows why
  15. Tell-tale Widge, the annoying local lad who hangs around strangers to find out what they’re up to
  16. That Gertrude has a cloak of living crows is merely the beginning of her many peculiarities  Your Whispering Homunculus
  17. The Scarecrow Man—the local village idiot—shakes his musical scythe at strangers and demands they pay a toll for his thoughts
  18. They call him Turnip on account of his peculiarly bloated round head
  19. Today Gupprin has dressed up as a troll to frighten his beloved nieces and nephews
  20. Trabbwimlington Hisp has an eight foot tall hat that is home to a dozen white mice dressed as nuns
  21. Udd runs by, trying to catch his escaped peacock with a pathetically small shrimping net
  22. Why does Raggy Snard dress like a magpie? No one knows…
  23. Why Howling Fibb spends all day howling is anybody’s guess
  24. Yap runs past, spinning his hoop and singing songs about variously hued-oozes
  25. Young Hogg’s hair is ginger yet his beard is dark


2 thoughts on “Your Whispering Homunculus: Fifty More Passersby, Part Two”

  1. Andrea Maurizio Medici

    A real treasure chest of NPCs who may even grow into important personas.
    Thanks for sharing them.

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