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Welcome to Midgard: Edjet (Martial Archetype)

Welcome to Midgard: Edjet (Martial Archetype)

The peerless Edjet is the backbone of the mighty Dragon Empire’s military. These brutal warriors are trained to fight in deadly formations. Hardy and resolute, the Edjet are most commonly dragonkin, but lesser races sometimes surprise their scaled masters by aspiring to draconic perfection.

Welcome, friend, to the world of Midgard. Maybe you’re brand new to this world. Or maybe you’ve been around since the beginning. Either way, stay—all are welcome! Please, sit and listen to the tales. You see, the world has been changing, and oh, the sights to see. It’s a living, evolving realm where things happen after all. So why shouldn’t it have a life all it’s own? Where to start…

[From the Midgard Heroes Handbook…]


Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, when you wield a versatile weapon and a shield at the same time, you can use the versatile damage rating of your weapon as if you wielded it in two hands.


Starting at 7th level, while you’re wielding a shield and a versatile weapon, you can use the Attack action to make a wide, sweeping attack. Make a Shove attempt against a creature within reach. If you knock the creature prone or push it away, you can immediately make another Shove against a different creature within reach. You can Shove up to three creatures in this manner. After using this ability twice, you must complete a short or long rest before using it again.


At 10th level, when you finish a short rest, you can choose to tap into a reserve of draconic vitality. For each hit die you spend at the end of this rest, add double your Constitution modifier to the number of hit points regained. Also, remove one level of exhaustion for each hit die you spent. You can’t use this ability again until you finish a long rest.


Starting at 15th level, when a creature you can see hits you with an attack while you are wielding a shield, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC against that attack. Additionally, when an ally within 5 feet of you is affected by an effect that allows a Dexterity saving throw for half damage, you can use your reaction to grant the ally advantage on the saving throw.


At 18th level, when you successfully Shove a creature with your Weapon Sweep, you also deal damage as if you hit the creature with your weapon.


But this is where we must stop for now, my friend. My mind, it wanders so at times. Do come see me again, though, for more of the wonders and surprises of Midgard. (OGL)

You can continue on this adventure in the Midgard Worldbook and Midgard Heroes Handbook.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Midgard: Edjet (Martial Archetype)”

  1. Alright I’m going to critique each ability
    3rd: Decent, makes spear a good weapon for once.
    Lack of another 3rd: the fact you only have one 3rd level feature, and at the end of the day it’s only +1 to average damage, is incredibly lacking, it really needed something else.

    7th: Misleading, incredibly misleading, the name conjures up an actual attack, this is just a big push. Hard to say how strong this is, I’m finding it rather meh, might have some tactical use in certain situations.

    10th: First half is meh, it’s quite literally just the durable feat. The second benefit though could be incredibly strong. Heck, multiclass that with a berserker barbarian and you’re going to have some fun, get that 4th attack much earlier than 20th level and just rest off the exhaustion.

    15th: I actually like this, basically you get defensive duelist but with a shield, and you can hand out some dex save advantage, though they have to be next to you which may be a problem.

    17th: Was expecting much more. Lackluster but not utterly awful.

    5/10 a few decent abilities, but a lot left to be desired, edjet fighting should not be the only 3rd level feature for sure.

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