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Your Whispering Homunculus: 100 Notable Kobolds, Part One

Your Whispering Homunculus: 100 Notable Kobolds, Part One

“Ah, slug, I want you to go into the upper east cellar and fetch Nadger for me.”
“Upper east cellar, master. I’ve never been there before, but I happily perform any task you wish however dangerous or menial. Might it be impertinent to ask—since I’ve yet to meet the gent—who Nadger is?”
“It is impertinent, but I’ll answer anyway. Nadger is my kobold ferret keeper. He often performs little tasks for me in the Undercity.”

We love kobolds. Everyone should have one, but admittedly, they are a little expendable. One blow, and they fall—usually. When the mighty dwarf hero Tallparts the Magenta wades knee deep in kobold flesh, how do you distinguish one foe from another? Who might be Nax the great kobold dwarf slayer of legend, who is clearly higher ranked by her tail ornamentation and who is the pipsqueak of the litter? How to tell them all apart…

Why by consulting our handy random kobold generator of course! Here are 100 of the little fellows and ladies spread over these two editions of YWH. Use them to add note to your kobold mages, to thrust the personality of these little fellows at your PCs during an exchange of views, or simply to add a few variations to that evening of slaughtering without dialogue.

  1. Wears a bright green model sailing ship tri-cord hat
  2. Has a ceremonial kilt sewn into which are colorful fortune sticks, auspicious twigs and lucky pieces of dried fruit
  3. Has a pet earwig in a little glass jar
  4. Has painted his head purple in honor of the little-observed kobold festival of purple-heads day
  5. Has painted her teeth green
  6. A glove puppet gnome is attached to the end of her tail
  7. Has decorated her head with sea shells and dolls’ heads with nails poked through them
  8. Wears a bright pink wig
  9. Has painted her tail with alternate blue and orange stripes
  10. Has a snout-ring in the shape of a divine tortoiseYour Whispering Homunculus
  11. Wears a skirt made from bagpipes
  12. Eats raw wriggling fish
  13. Has a necklace made of harpsicord keys
  14. Wears a top hat that is far too big for it
  15. Shouts “doom” constantly
  16. Carries a megaphone and issues implausible threats about forcing his foe to eat live mice
  17. Has a mousetrap attached to his tail
  18. Has a knitted tail coat woven into which are pictures of crocodiles
  19. Dresses in subtle shades of yellow
  20. Has fashioned itself fake dragon wings that flap using a pulley
  21. Has a live mole hanging on a cord from its tail
  22. Mimes swimming constantly
  23. Has tied a fake egg between her legs
  24. Has her head stuck in a bucket but has cut eye holes out to see
  25. Wears clogs
  26. Is dressed as a human clown
  27. Wears a heifer mask
  28. Has mummified udders hanging from her chin
  29. Has a sheep-skull hat and wool cloak
  30. Has two tails
  31. Has attached a rattle to her tail
  32. Attached a sail with skull and crossbones to her tail
  33. Has a leather tail coat
  34. A dead eel hangs about her shoulders
  35. Is disguised in mossy twigs
  36. Has a mouthful of whelks
  37. Consults her divine saw constantly
  38. Roars like a dragon and shouts “grr, grr, grr” through a horn
  39. Has a target painted on the back of his head
  40. Someone has knotted her tail
  41. Is fat
  42. A horseshoe is thrust through her snout
  43. Bears a white flag
  44. Is oiling her scales with goose-fat
  45. Has no scales on his head
  46. Wears a dead cat
  47. Wears a dead kitten
  48. Wears a dead puppy
  49. Has on a pantomime red dragon costume
  50. Wears a large turtle shell carved from wood


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