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Welcome to Midgard: Primal Path of the Ancestors

Welcome to Midgard: Primal Path of the Ancestors

While other barbarians lose themselves to their fury, the Path of the Ancestors channels the power of the ancient spirits of a tribe through rage. When the rage takes you, the spirits of the ancients flow through your body, granting you their strength and wisdom. Barbarians on the Path of the Ancestors are often leaders, or respected advisors, with the strength to bring greater tempers to heel.

Welcome, friend, to the world of Midgard. Maybe you’re brand new to this world. Or maybe you’ve been around since the beginning. Either way, stay—all are welcome! Please, sit and listen to the tales. You see, the world has been changing, and oh, the sights to see. It’s a living, evolving realm where things happen after all. So why shouldn’t it have a life all it’s own? Where to start…

[From the Midgard Heroes Handbook…]


Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, when you rage, the spirits of your ancestors inhabit your body and lend you their might. You have advantage on Wisdom saving throws against spells and other magical effects.


Beginning at 6th level, you can cast calm emotions once. You regain the ability to do so when you finish a short or long rest. The save DC for this spell is equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier.


Beginning at 10th level, while raging, your melee weapon attacks deal additional psychic damage equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of 1).


Starting at 14th level, while raging you are under the effect of a freedom of movement spell. You don’t need to concentrate to maintain this effect.


But this is where we must stop for now, my friend. My mind, it wanders so at times. Do come see me again, though, for more of the wonders and surprises of Midgard.  (OGL)

You can continue on this adventure in the Midgard Worldbook and Midgard Heroes Handbook.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Midgard: Primal Path of the Ancestors”

  1. I have to say, this is quite underpowered and not even rich of roleplaying potential. Yes you become less likely to be charmed and frightened, and you can calm enemies for up to 1 minute, but that’s all there is mechanically. I used to play Path of Ancient Ancestors from UA/Xanathat’s that was super rich on roleplaying potential thanks to constant augury, even if it lacked anything good in battle.

  2. This is unironically weak as all heck.
    3rd level is alright… if there was more to it, if that’s all you get, it’s incredibly weak, 3rd level is where the main mechanic of that subclass is supposed to come out, advantage to wisdom saves is no great mechanic
    6th is laughable, calm emotions once?
    10th is bleh, i’ll tell you why at the end
    14th is stupid, “you don’t need to concentrate” ok that’s fine, but what barbarian is casting spells? They don’t get any except like one as a ritual with bear totem, it’s mostly because you can’t cast or concentrate while raging so no use in giving them spells anyways.

    All of this and you’re asking a barbarian to also put points into wisdom, he might have a +1, +2 at most should he be something with +2 wisdom. He’s already gotta have good strength and constitution, asking for another high stat is making them M.A.D.

    Whoever made this, do they even play 5e?

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