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Warlock’s Apprentice: Treasures of Perun’s Daughter

Warlock’s Apprentice: Treasures of Perun’s Daughter

Oft threatened by raiding centaurs, dragon legions, and the bandits of the Ruby Despotate, the Duchy of Perun’s Daughter doesn’t take kindly to outsiders too curious about what lies in Perunalia’s vaults and armories—especially those who gawk at the duchy’s leadership of powerful women. Societies dominated by men are dominated too by their rampant emotions: envy, greed, rage. Waging war to capture the coveted treasures of their neighbors seems ridiculous to the matriarchal Perunalians despite its common practice. They believe it’s much more sensible to nurture a legacy of culture, education, and invention. This rare peek at Perunalia’s bounty has been pieced together by accounts from the Crossroads’s noble daughters who’ve attended Perunalia’s academies and Zobeck merchants who’ve crossed paths with Perunalian traders.

Daughters of War and Thunder

Perunalia is ruled by the demigod Vasilka Soulay, the daughter of Perun, god of war and thunder. Although Vasilka is a woman of wisdom and learning, she is also a goddess of great courage, and Perunalia’s warrior women—whether paladins of the Order of the White Lions or archers for whom Perunalia is famed—are quite adept at defending the duchy. Their natural and trained skills are aided by masterfully crafted items and by relics discovered in Sephaya, the current capital city and former ancient city of the elves.

Ancient Sephayan Bow

Weapon (longbow), uncommon

Perunalian historians believe these longbows uncovered in the trees of Sephaya were crafted by elves who lived in an ancient city on the same land. The wood does not match any found in the plentiful gardens of Perunalia’s capitol city, and the true origins of these bows—flexible and light yet sturdy and strong—remains a mystery.

This longbow does not have the heavy property.

Arch of the Tempest

Weapon (longbow), legendary, requires attunement

Some say the master bowyers of Perunalia gained the knowledge to craft these longbows as a gift from Perun himself. Others say the boldest women of Perunalia stared into the heart of the storm without fear and learned to harness its power themselves.

You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. When you hit a target with the longbow, it takes an extra 3d6 thunder damage.

Righteous Lightning. The longbow has 3 charges. When you make a ranged attack roll with this weapon, you can expend a charge to cause a stroke of lightning 5 feet wide to blast after your arrow in a straight line ending at your target. Each creature in the line, including your target, must make a DC 17 Dexterity saving throw. A creature takes 8d6 lightning damage on a failed save or half as much damage on a successful one. The longbow regains all expended charges at dawn.

Avatar of the Storm. When the longbow is fully charged, its power manifests in a 10-foot-radius sphere around you, such as swirling winds or crackling dark clouds above you. When you are hit by a melee attack and the attacker is within this sphere, you can use your reaction to deal 3d6 lightning damage to the attacker.

For Perunalia! Only those native to Perunalia can wield this weapon freely. If you are not native to Perunalia, when you attune or break attunement to this bow, you must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or take 100 (10d10 + 45) thunder damage or half as much damage on a success.

Arrow of Grabbing

Weapon (arrow), very rare

This arrow has a barbed head and is wound with a fine but strong thread that unravels as the arrow soars. If a creature takes damage from the arrow, the creature must succeed a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or take 4d6 damage and have the arrowhead lodged in its flesh.

A creature grabbed by this arrow cannot move farther away from you. At the end of its turn, the creature can attempt a DC 17 Constitution saving throw, taking 4d6 piercing damage and dislodging the arrow on a success.

As an action, you can attempt to pull the grabbed creature up to 10 feet in a straight line toward you, forcing the creature to reattempt the saving throw. If the creature fails, you can move it.

Arrow of Seeking

Weapon (arrow), rare

An arrow of seeking will continue to hunt its prey even if you miss your mark. If you miss your target when using this arrow to attack, you can make a ranged attack roll as if with the same weapon at the start of your target’s next turn. If you miss, the arrow falls to the ground and ceases to follow the target.

Arrow of Unpleasant Herbs

Weapon (arrow), rare

Perunalia is known for its botanists who use their skills to beautify the duchy’s many gardens and to create healing and helpful potions and poultices. But their discovery of more “unpleasant” herbs doesn’t go to waste. Handle these arrows carefully. Their arrowheads are rubbed with poisonous leaves.

If a creature takes damage from the arrow, it must succeed a DC 15 Constitution saving throw against poison. On a failed save, the creature spends it next turn retching and reeling.


Weapon (longbow), rare, requires attunement

A fresh bloodbow is carved of a light, sturdy wood such as hickory or yew, but to reach its full potential, a bloodbow must be stained in the blood of creatures it has slain. You’re more likely to see a bloodbow in a deep maroon hue, lacquered and aged under layers of sundried blood and sometimes embellished with dragonborn teeth, centaur tails, or other battle trophies. Perunalians use these weapons to make their enemies’ blood boil into madness.

Bloodbows affect creatures of the type with whose blood the weapon was last soaked. When you make a ranged attack roll with this magic weapon against a creature of that type, you have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. If the attack hits, your target must succeed a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or become enraged until the end of your next turn. While enraged, the target suffers a short-term madness effect.

Bloodbows most commonly are soaked in the blood of bandits, dragonborn, and other humanoids. If you soak this weapon in the blood of a different creature type, the bloodbow immediately ceases to affect the previous type. The bow affects the new type after a long rest.

Cloak of the White Lions

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This cloak is woven with crisp white and shining silver threads to create the image of a roaring female lion’s head. While wearing this cloak, you have advantage on attack rolls against a creature if at least one of your allies is within 5 feet of the creature and isn’t incapacitated.

While wearing the cloak, you can use your action to cast polymorph on yourself, transforming into a lion. While you are in the form of the lion, you retain your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. The cloak can’t be used this way again until the next dawn.

Gauntlets of the White Lions

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement by a paladin)

The female paladins of the Order of the White Lions defend their lands against the onslaught of warring men. These gauntlets—steel cast in the shape of lions’ heads and polished to a nearly white gleam—strengthen their divine powers for this cause.

While you wear these gauntlets, when you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack and use your Divine Smite feature, the damage increases by 1d8 if the target is an evil humanoid, to a maximum of 6d8.

Perunalian Training Bow

Weapon (shortbow), uncommon

For girls in Perunalia, beginning one’s archery training is a rite of passage at the age of 14. Families send their daughters to the best archery schools throughout the lands, and mothers traditionally gift their daughters’ first bows and arrows at this age.

This bow has 5 charges. When you make a ranged attack roll with this weapon and miss the target, you can expend 1 charge and reroll the die. Alternatively, when you make a ranged attack roll with this weapon, you can expend 3 charges to forgo rolling the d20 to get a 13 on the die. The bow regains 1d4 charges daily at dawn.

Perunalian Training Quiver

Wondrous item, uncommon

The wealthy families of Perunalia ensure their daughters are equipped with everything they need before sending them away to archery academies. In addition to holding your standard arrows, these training quivers have extra adventuring gear any young warrior might need.

As an action, you can reach into the quiver and request adventuring gear worth up to 50 gp. Roll 1d100. If you roll higher than the numerical value of the cost of that item, you find it in your quiver. For example, if an item costs 5 cp, you must roll 6 or higher. If an item costs 50 gp, you must roll 51 or higher. The quiver cannot be used in this way again until the next dawn.

Once you’ve pulled 5 items from the quiver, it becomes a non-magical quiver…


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