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Roachling Feats and Paragon Path

(Illustration by Josef Sparrow) The print edition of Courts of the Shadow Fey for 4E recently shipped to patrons. Since roachlings and their demon patron Lord Akyishigal feature prominently in the adventure, new options—8 feats and a paragon path—are presented today for your roachling PC. Arthropod [Roachling, Heroic Tier] Benefit: You have grown two smaller, weaker arms …

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Savas, God of Conflict

In ancient days, wars raged for countless reasons—and sometimes, no reason at all. Champions of the people proved their worth time and again in the struggles that many viewed more as sport that politics. Blood was shed for glory and gold as often as justice and peace. This was Savas’s reign. Savas (Unaligned Greater God) …

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Monday Monsters: Facestealer

“I will become you!” Prerequisite Doppelganger While all doppelgangers are accomplished shapeshifters, some take the art of shapeshifting to new levels. These doppelgangers are able to impersonate not just the physical form of another creature, but also some aspects of their personality, experience, and knowledge, becoming in essence the very creature they are copying. Because …

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