Kobold Press Wants You to GM at Gen Con!

Kobold Press Wants You to GM at Gen Con!

GenConLogoTime to prepare for Gen Con! Are you ready to run Pathfinder or fifth edition D&D at the best four days of gaming? Kobold Press is looking for GMs and we want you!

Run 12 hours of games (that’s 1 four-hour game for three of the days) and get your $90 badge reimbursed, plus a $10 store discount for every two slots you run! Running 4 or more 4-hour slots scores you the Kobold Wizard T-shirt!*

To sign up, email Ben McFarland (brickk@gmail.com) with the subject [Gencon] Kobold GM. We’ll get you scheduled and squared away for some great gaming. Events must be submitted by the end of February, so don’t delay!

* Exclamation points not included.

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