What are reviewers saying about the latest issue of Kobold Quarterly?

… Not only does it have great art to capture your attention, but the content covers everything from vampires to the myth of the Philosopher’s Stone and far beyond.

… The issue starts off with “A Broken Mind“… I love the idea of merging in sanity rules with D&D… And I just love describing a character’s sanity points as “the currency of madness”… [insert evil laughter here]

… Another great article is “Howling Werebeasts”… As a player, you must take the bad with the good… As a GM, it offers logical responses to how to work it into a game without throwing the balance off…

… Looks like I’m going to have to break out my wallet and purchase a subscription just in time for the holidays.

Read the full review on the blog Moebius Adventures.

We’ve got a little something for everybody. Pick up your own copy of Kobold Quarterly #11.

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