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New Kobolds in the Warrens!

New Kobolds in the Warrens!

The last few months have brought exciting changes to Kobold Press including the growth of our staff. We wanted to take a second to introduce some of the new faces around the Warrens.


Customer Service Associate

Chris Wright joins us full time as our Customer Service Associate!

Hailing from the frozen, northern wastes of Toronto, Canada, Chris is tackling the hard questions and ensuring Kobold Press’ work ends up on your bookshelf.

First coming to the Warrens in October of 2022, this is Chris’s first professional role in TTRPGs. He is beyond excited to be working in an industry that he has been an enthusiastic participant in since he unearthed his Dad’s original D&D ‘74 box set in the basement. Since then he’s added 5E, Call of Cthulhu, and a plethora of OSR titles to his toolbox. But Chris isn’t just a Forever GM, he’s also a trained chef, a Burner, and a barbarian-for-hire.

“The Forever GM of my little corner of the TTRPG world, I use my spare time to write and run adventures for whatever band of intrepid adventures I can pull together. My greatest dream is finally getting to put down the GM binder and having someone else do all the prep.”


Senior Editor

We welcome Jeff Quick, Senior Editor at Kobold Press and master of our blog. He has been blogsmithing with us for more than a year already, before joining in a full-time capacity this summer.

Jeff Quick is a brilliant idea wrought in flesh, a chimera high-fiving the stony truths of actuality. Do you wish to pin him down in a “brief bio?” He is not a specimen, no Denisovan curiosity. He defies categorization; he is two hundred twenty things, at least. Closer examination exposes fractal intricacies. All that you witness is a wisp of his fullness.

“I was the last person to look at this, so it says
whatever I want it to.”


Media Production Manager

Kendrick or Kendo (they/he), whichever you prefer, is the new Media Production Manager at Kobold Press!

Over the past several years Kendo has been combining their passion for TTRPGs and Digital Storytelling to create a wide variety of tabletop content. From Actual Plays to educational and promotional content they live, breath, and embody a love for Tabletop RPGs. 

He has been playing TTRPGs for a decade now, starting when he taught himself and all his friends how to play D&D 4E. Then it was Shadowrun, and then it was Dungeon World. Little did he know, he had started down a path that led him into the wonderful worlds and stories made possible by TTRPG games. 

You may have seen Kendo around the TTRPG space as the GM and producer of the award-winning Actual Play series, Tales Yet Told and PRAYERS in the STATIC, or maybe you’re familiar with their editing and camera work with content creators such as Joshua Weissman. 

“I am absolutely thrilled that I’m able to bring my skills and experience to Kobold Press and I look forward to the many awesome experiences awaiting me in the future!”


Graphic Designer

Kennedy Williams is the new Graphic Designer here at Kobold Press!

They have been a graphic designer for the past seven years, working in the juvenile safety industry and as a freelancer. They helped with the development of North American instruction manuals and labels for multiple product categories across multiple brands. As a freelancer, they have helped multiple business create graphics for social media and ads as well as helping to develop their brand identity.

They are excited about their new role here at Kobold Press supporting our Art Director, Marc Radle, with layout for books and PDFs as well as social media graphics, VTT graphics, marketing materials, and

“My experience with TTRPGs comes from my love of gaming! I have been in love with playing the games since college and especially since having my son. We do weekly games with a group of neighborhood kids, and I do lessons to help the parents along! If you haven’t watched your kid act like a wizard taking down troll, then you are missing out! I look forward to contributing to Kobold Press and all the fun projects for everyone to enjoy!!”

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