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Creator: Füssli, Johann Heinrich Title: Perseus Returning the Eye of the Graii Permission: See heroes need foes to vanquish. Myths from a variety of ancient cultures involve people overcoming great odds to save their loved ones, to fight against the whims of gods, and to defeat the minions of those gods. This article introduces foes from classic tales of Greek mythology to Green Ronin’s Dragon Age system. Some will seem familiar. Some will have a different twist than you may have seen previously in other fantasy roleplaying games. They can be used as is for many campaign settings or you can re-skin them for use in Thedas.

I have tried to keep to the classical characteristics of the monsters described below as opposed to regurgitate characteristics shown in other roleplaying games. However, the recorded myths involving these monsters vary, and in some cases I have taken some poetic license in combining or leaving out some of the characteristics from myth.

The Graeae await you beyond the jump.

The Graeae, or “gray ones,” are three sisters who share but one eye and one tooth among them. Crones and sisters to the Gorgons, their names are Deino (dread), Enyo (horror), and Pemphredo (alarm). Although they are effectively blind and toothless, they are blessed with great knowledge. Rumors state that the Graeae are as beautiful as young swans, but unfortunately for those of a more passionate leaning, those rumors are false.

Due to the encyclopedic knowledge that the Graeae possess, many heroes on a quest attempt to find them, but they are well hidden in their cave lair.

Graeae are noncombatants, expecting that the usefulness of their knowledge will protect them from murderers.

Abilities (Focuses)


Communication (Bargaining, Deception)




Cunning (Arcane Lore, Cultural Lore, Historical Lore, Natural Lore, Religious Lore)





–1 / 1*

Perception (Hearing, Touching, Smelling)





* The first number is for when a Graeae does not have the eye in her eye socket. The second number is when the eye is in her eye socket.

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