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Midgard for the Masses: Exploration and Community

Midgard for the Masses: Exploration and Community

Midgard Minotaur Corsair

The vast lands of Midgard are rich with opportunity and chaos befitting every kind of adventurer. But certain locations are better suited based on the type of game you want.

Every week during Midgard’s 10th-anniversary celebration, we’ll provide glimpses of the places, people, and adventurous opportunity waiting for your own games!

For a complete Midgard overview, browse the The Midgard Worldbook. Every place you see in this series has a detailed write-up there. The resources section following each location offers places to look for additional information.

Two opportunities await in Barsella and Cindass. Will you go out into the Western Ocean and sail uncharted territories, or head into the ruins of Cindass, where an old labyrinth protects the treasures of ancient civilizations?

Want to set sail into the unknown?

Now entering the port city, Barsella!

Known as “city at the edge of the world,” Barsella is famous as the last known land before the great expanse. Any kind of sea adventure can start or end from Barsella, over the deep blue Western Ocean and out to unknown waters.

The ruling families of Barsella know every valuable item in town, and they always want their cut of whatever is found during an exploration. Keeping the founding families happy is a strategic endeavor guided by the release of pertinent information. Secrets will keep you alive longer than your sword in Barsella.

The Geomancers of Barsella use their power to create vril-based weapons. Vril, the technology supposedly lost in the destruction of Ankeshel, continues to thrill and excite everyone from magic users, collectors of war machines, and treasure hunters. Finding magical items imbued with vril maximizes combat effectiveness.

Barsella Story Seeds

  • Madame Woolen, matriarch of one of the ruling families, is convinced an old family heirloom is real. The map of a mysterious island has been passed down her family for decades, and she wants you to find it. The twist? She’s coming along. Is Madame Woolen really an aging matriarch, and is this island truly undiscovered?
  • A ship has been reported in distress off in the distance in the Western Ocean. Experienced sailors are needed to find it, save anyone still alive, reclaim the goods, and if possible – discover what happened. A water creature? In-fighting with the crew? Many possibilities await when you’re on the open sea and a mystery unfolds across the deck.

Barsella References

Warlock Grimoire 1 contains deets about Barsella and so much more in its 300 pages!

How about putting down roots to rebuild a destroyed city?

Then next stop: Cindass!

Destroyed by a Dragon attack 300 years prior, the people of Cindass have been rebuilding their beloved city ever since. A port city, Cindass is divided between the ruins and the newly finished renovations—a new labyrinth, in addition to the old ruined one. Now ruled by minotaurs and their leader, Emir Palana Tellisha, the rebuilt city maintains trade relationships with the other minotaur nations like Kyprion.

The ruins of Cindass intrigue all manner of adventurers, as the creatures who roam the old labyrinth, still in a state of ruin from the Dragon Empire attack, hold untold terror and promise for adventurers. Beware the feral gnolls, owl harpies—and if you make it to the tombs of treasure—the gypsosphinxes.

Cindass is always ready for new blood to help them rebuild. Many died protecting and preserving their lost history, and the devotion of the minotaurs cannot be diminished. Cindass is a great home for those looking for community and a connection to their neighbors.

Cindass Story Seed

  • Emir Palan Tellisha is no fool. She knows the Dragon Empire sends spies, hoping to find information about their renovations and magic. She needs someone they wouldn’t suspect to infiltrate their camp in the ruins and find out what they’re up to. The ruins are full of monstrous enemies even if Tellisha’s intelligence regarding the presence of dragonborn spies is correct.
  • An oracle appeared on a ship by herself. She speaks only of the bones of the old labyrinth. Coins spill from her pockets, and her boat is full of expensive items. “We need to build,” she murmurs, speaking of an old prophecy and gods who need their tombs rebuilt. While Emir Palana Tellisha doesn’t dissuade the oracle from rebuilding, she asks adventurers to help her, keep an eye on her, and report back any strange happenings. The oracle is here for more than a strange prophecy. She seeks treasure, and the blessings of the old gods is her real currency.
  • A missing ship docked in Cindass, and missing youths went treasure hunting in the old labyrinth. Wealthy, worried parents will hire experienced adventurers to find them before the perils of the labyrinth do.

Cindass References

The Midgard Worldbook is the only source of more information on Cindass . . . so far.

Find out more about Midgard!

Ready to find out more about this amazing place?

The Midgard Worldbook is your first stop for Midgard! This packed-to-the-rafters campaign setting tells you all about the world, where you can start, and plenty of places where adventurers can meet their ends.

Want to go deeper? Our Patreon zine, Warlock, publishes brand new Midgard content every month! And at a slightly higher tier, Warlock Lairs features unique adventures set in Midgard!

Or cut straight to the chase and get material bundled in Warlock Grimoire! Each Grimoire collects several issues of the zine together for ease of reading!

Check back next week for more whirlwind tour of Midgard!

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