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Midgard Heroes: Sample Character Temper

Midgard Heroes: Sample Character Temper

TemperIf you’re curious as to what you can build using the new Midgard Heroes 5e supplement, take a look at our second sample fifth edition character.


Class & Level:                    Cleric (Knowledge) 7
Race:                                   Gearforged
Background:                     Master Craftsman
Alignment:                        Lawful Good
Proficiency Bonus:          +3

Ability Scores

Strength:                            12 (19)
Dexterity:                           10
Constitution:                     14
Intelligence:                      14
Wisdom:                            18
Charisma:                          8
Saving Throws
Wisdom:                            +7
Charisma:                          +2


Arcana:                               +8*
History:                               +8*
Insight:                               +6
Investigation:                   +5
Perception:                       +6
Religion:                             +5
Passive Wisdom (Perception):    16
Armor Class:                      17 (half plate, shield)
Initiative:                           +0
Speed:                                30
Hit Point Maximum:       71
Hit Dice:                              7d8

Personality Traits

I finish anything I set my hand to. Half measures never produce quality results.

There’s always a correct tool for any job in life. It’s just a matter of finding it.


Generosity. I am always willing to use my skill to help the needy, even at cost to myself. (Good)


There is something great behind my skill, and I won’t rest until I learn the truth of its origins.


I put too much trust in my own skill, especially in areas other than my craft.

Other Proficiencies and Languages

Blacksmith’s tools, medium armor, shields, simple weapons

Draconic, Dwarvish, Elvish, Machine Speech, Northern Tongue, Trade Tongue


Warhammer: +7; 1d8+4 bludgeoning or 1d10+4 bludgeoning with two hands.
Javelin: range 30/120; +7; 1d6+4 piercing.
Sacred flame: 2d8 radiant, Dexterity saving throw DC 15 negates.


Half plate, shield (with holy symbol emblem), gauntlets of ogre power (attuned), blacksmith’s tools, healer’s kit, priest’s pack, common clothes, 10 gp

Features & Traits

Blessings of Knowledge. Proficiency in Arcana and History, double proficiency bonus on those skills (marked with *).

Background Feature — Masterwork. When using the crafting downtime activity rules with your chosen craft, you generate double the normal progress toward the item’s completion (anyone assisting you provides the normal bonus). You must create at least one item at the normal rate before this feature can be used to create another item at the accelerated rate.

Channel Divinity. (2/rest) Turn Undead, Knowledge of the Ages.

Channel Divinity (2/rest).

Constructed Body. Your consciousness and soul reside within a soul gem to animate your mechanical body. As such, you are a living creature with some of the benefits and drawbacks of a construct.

Flesh of Steel. You are immune to disease, poison damage, and the poisoned condition.

Solid Construction.

Spellcasting. Temper’s spellcasting ability is Wisdom (spell attack +7, save DC 15). Temper has the following spells prepared (domain spells are marked with *).
Cantrips (at will): guidance, mending, resistance, sacred flame

1st level (4 slots): bless, command*, guiding bolt, identify*, shield of faith

2nd level (3 slots): augury*, hold person, locate object, spiritual weapon, suggestion*

3rd level (3 slots): dispel magic, glyph of warding, magic circle, nondetection*, speak with dead*

4th level (1 slot): banishment, legend lore, scrying, stone shape

Character Backstory

Temper is a gearforged of artful design. His steel skin-plates sport an array of colors that fade one into the other, from a faint golden straw, to a rich metallic blue. Intricate designs are etched into the plates, and his eyes gleam a flickering sapphire through their enchanted lenses.

Temper’s true name is hidden away, and his origin is known to few. Once he was a bloodthirsty human warlord. He sought to steal the secrets of creating powerful weapons forged of both steel and magic from the vaults of Rava’s priesthood. His campaign was a dismal failure, but instead of being killed, the priests of Rava took him prisoner at the behest of the clockwork goddess. When Temper emerged from the ritual of soulforging, he was a changed being in all ways. Some whisper that he spoke to Rava herself during his soulforging, and that the goddess has set him upon a great task that will shake the foundations of Midgard.

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