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Midgard for the Masses: Pirates and Rogues

Midgard for the Masses: Pirates and Rogues

The vast lands of Midgard are rich with opportunity and chaos befitting every kind of adventurer.

It’s all in there, but certain locations are better suited based on the type of game you want.

Every week during Midgard’s 10th-anniversary celebration, we’ll provide tantalizing glimpses of the places, people, and adventurous opportunity waiting for your own games!

For a complete Midgard overview, browse the The Midgard Worldbook. Every place you see in this series has a detailed write-up there. The resources section following each location offers places to look for additional information.

So you want Pirates, eh?

Welcome to Kyprion.

Those who know of the Serene Isle of Kyprion talk about its best attractions: the minotaurs who roam with the free people, the cyclops who guards the treasure of Spintarra, and the women of Longezza who enjoy fresh meat just as much as the cyclops does.

Minotaurs are a great attraction on Kyprion, though they are disinterested in those who seek them out. The secrets they carry though, could benefit everyone searching for adventure on this volcanic isle.

  • Venture into the capital city, Vespras, and enjoy the well-established culture, agriculture, and the Dancer’s Courtyard. Don’t let the kind name fool you—the Courtyard is the place for sacrifices and blood sports.
  • If you’re looking for romance or an opportunity to woo the women with the insider knowledge, money, and time for endless entertainment, sail into Longezza where women of all species wait for sailors to delight their whims.
  • Spintarra is the famed city for pirate raids. If you can make it past the cyclops and the defenders of the necropolis, there is a mine, a forge for war tools, and treasures plundered from centuries of victories.

Kyprion offers more than just a variety of eclectic port towns. The entire nation-state is ruled by Queen Kitane, who resides in the middle of her Great Labyrinth. Queen Kitane’s eccentricities delight everyone from the newest traveler to the island’s oldest residents . . . unless you’re selected as a sacrifice or for trial-by-combat in her famed Courtyard.

Kyprion Resources

For a ready-to-run adventure on Kyprion, check out Warlock Lair 26!

Up for a post-apocalyptic treasure hunt?

Welcome to the Wasted West!

The Great Mage Wars decimated the expanse we now call the Wasted West, a dystopian-style, post-apocalyptic wasteland. The leftovers of those battles are prime for the picking—if you dare to enter. Giant Dread Walkers roam the lands, looming over the scavengers, reminding travelers of the great Mage Wars and the abominations that threaten the realm.

Brutal heat and winds buffet adventurers as they cross the barren land. Storms mar the landscape, accenting the devastation from the war. Be careful of the changing winds and the magic and time storms that can shift reality. Anything’s possible in the Wastes . . . don’t take your senses for granted.

  • Cassadega is built atop of another forgotten city. Find the entrance to Ankeshel, the underwater city, below. While parts of Ankeshel have been explored and famously plundered, rumors persist of famed vril magic items and other treasures belonging to the Ankeshelians. Endless opportunities await in Cassadega, from heading out to the wastes or down into the Ankeshelian tombs.
  • If brothels, gambling, and excitement get your dice rolling, then Barsella has much to offer! Nefarious characters are always in need of new blood to fight off the Dread Walkers and secure a piece of forgotten history within the “city at the edge of the world.”
  • Goblins hide throughout the Wastes, searching for unsuspecting adventurers to rob or opportunistic unmanned tents to pilfer. However, do not be fooled . . . many different types of goblins populate the Wastes, and some are quite formidable.

If rumors swirl about a Questing Beast, do not pursue! This is not an opportunity for low-level adventurers to make a name for themselves. The Questing Beast is a true eldritch horror; she is not to be faced without heavy combat engagement and a strategy. From one wise bard to another, do not believe hunting her will be easy. You might not even need to seek her out. If you find your way into the Wastes, she just might find you.

Wasted West Resources

For worldbuilding in the Wastes, check out Warlock 10!

And, don’t forget our Wastes of Chaos Kickstarter, featuring the Wasted West and plenty of chaos to stuff into your own campaign world. It ends this Friday!

Ready for Rogues?

Enter the Free City of Zobeck!

Zobeck is called the Crossroads City. It’s a unique locale, in the middle of a lot of things, marrying an eclectic interest of technomagic and alchemy.

The Citadel District stands in defense from the Margreve Forest which is full of its own enemies. General Haclav, leader of the Citadel, is always in need of new help fighting off creatures from the forest and political threats from within Zobeck.

  • The Arcane Collegium houses academic and magical endeavors and the professors who need assistance. Forgotten magic items, rare herbs, and all kinds of trinkets are necessary for their work, and the Collegium district offers endless dark alleys where deals are brokered for the mages.
  • The trade district, known as the Gullet, is full of gambling dens, seedy taverns, and a crowd of strangers on heightened alert for undercover lawmen—or assassins. The famed Hedgehog Tavern is a typical drinking hole, but the lawmen, outlaws, and politicians who come there aren’t just looking to wet their whistle . . . everyone in the tavern needs something. In Zobeck, needing something means coins are ready to change hands, legends are about to be born, and time is of the essence.
  • The Gear District is a beloved local landmark. Everyone here has a score to settle, an item to recover, a claim to be made. Bordering the Dwarven Gate, the gearforged are found here working at the Steamworker’s Guildhall or the Geargrinder’s Emporium. Gearforged are always looking for ways to pay off the costs of their creation and quests can be found for both the guildmasters and the gearforged.

Beyond the borders of Zobeck, the Margreve Forest contains horrors older than history records. The Scarlet Citadel to the south offers a great deal of concentrated adventure for the intrepid. The Ghoul Imperium awaits with their terrors. Perhaps you’d like to try your hand out west in the Ironcrags or up north in Bratislor? They might even send your body home.

Zobeck Resources

Warlock 30 is entirely dedicated to Zobeck – go here for more worldbuilding and adventure!

The Scarlet Citadel is a classic-style megadungeon, a campaign to itself, full of adventure for your group!

Midgard is a growing world, but these three areas provide a foundation for exploration and acquisition – either of relic or coin. Grab your dice and your knapsack – it’s time to go on an adventure!

Find out more about Midgard!

Ready to find out more about this amazing place?

The Midgard Worldbook is your first stop for Midgard! This packed-to-the-rafters campaign setting tells you all about the world, where you can start, and plenty of places where adventurers can meet their ends. Every place mentioned here has a write-up,

Want to go deeper? Our Patreon zine, Warlock, publishes brand new Midgard content every month! And at a slightly higher tier, Warlock Lairs features unique adventures set in Midgard!

Or cut straight to the chase and get material bundled in Warlock Grimoire! Each Grimoire collects several issues of the zine together for ease of reading!

Check back next week for more whirlwind tour of Midgard!

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