Some of you may be familiar with the time-honored tradition of “going to 11.” KQ is right there with its latest issue, because Kobold Quarterly #11 is loaded with things that go right up to the edge, and then one more.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a sampling of the just-a-little-more philosophy at work:

   1) An awesome Ecology of the Vampire….
   2) ….plus a beautiful map of Morgau & Doresh
   3) Four new PC Races like the Minotaur and Bugbear
   4) ….plus a free PC race right here in the Monday Monster series.
   5) Wicked Fantasy gives you the 3E/OGL Dwarves —
   6) …and the 4th Edition version of the article as well.
   7) A new Pathfinder core class, the Spell-less Ranger….
   8) And a customized character sheet for it, free in the PDF version — and likely posted to the site this week.
   9) Bringing the Wish spell into 4th Edition, and ….
   10) Paizo intern Hank Woon shows you how to torture PCs. Seriously.
   11) Plus Lycanthrope PCs in 3E/OGL, Madness rules for D&D, the Philosopher’s Stone, game advice from Robin Laws and Christopher Perkins, an ENTIRE UNDERDARK CITY, argggh, there just isn’t room for it! IT GOES TO ELEVEN!

We’ve taken it over the top, just for starters. The issue is now available for subscribers to download from the KQ Store in the usual way (just log in, click “My Account” and then View the subscription).

Not a subscriber? You can subscribe today, or grab the issue directly in PDF or in print. There’s no reason not to enjoy the world’s best gaming magazine.

Because it goes one more, you see.

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