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Goldscale ponders his destinyOur kobold mascot Jiro left this note on Wolfgang’s desk this morning:

dear boss,

I was reading a bunch of adventures you know the classic stuff like vault of the drow and tomb of horrors and rise of the runelords and i was thinking it would be great if we had something like that for midgard you know something epic and world defining

well boss what do you know but that dollface christina thinks so too and were going to do a new kickstarter to make stuff as good as tomb of horrors

people think were crazy boss but i don’t know i bet a lot of other people are as crazy as us and will want in what do you think


Wolfgang checked with Christina Stiles and Ben McFarland, and they confirmed it: there’s a new Open Design patron project that they say will shake the pillars of heaven, and they’re looking for patrons to help design it.

Midgard Tales will contain 13 new adventures for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, with new takes on classic RPG themes. This book will define the Midgard campaign setting the way legendary adventures such as Dragonlance did back in the day.

Patrons will join lead designer Christina Stiles, assisted by Ben McFarland and Wolfgang Baur, to pitch and design 13 adventures for Pathfinder RPG that will remake classic themes. Already they’re hearing from various designers who want in, with tales such as:

  • A dragon adventure set in the Northlands
  • A visit to the Master of Demon Mountain
  • A celestial adventure on the Sky Stairs of Beldestan,
  • A nocturnal tribe of long-hidden orcs and their evil goddess,
  • The unchaining of the imprisoned god of the Sea

Adventures to be remembered, adventures that won’t be “just another dungeon” — Midgard Tales aims to encourage the best of new and existing adventure design talent, to give you adventures from levels 1 to 15 that your players never forget.

Join Midgard Tales today!

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