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Journeys to the West: Sneak Peek at Maps!

Journeys to the West: Sneak Peek at Maps!

Journeys to the West Ocean Map - ColorAnd we have met launch status, my friends, but there’s so much more we want to do on this journey before we embark, so keep those pledges coming! Let’s set sail with style and panache. My commodores and captains expect some nice digs, after all. We’ll get the best ship, fill the cargo with foodstuffs and trade goods, hire us some mercenaries (red shirts, cough), waylay…er convince more sailors to join us—and we’ll explore this vast ocean! The bards will sing songs of our exploits for ages to come, and rightly so.

Journeys to the West Ocean MapSpeaking of exploration, we’ve got the beginnings of a new map, which the mighty Kobold Overlord has granted us permission to fill in with our islands, forever making our mark on Midgard! Woot! Take a peek. And to boot, if we meet $6,500 we’ll all get a shiny ocean chart poster map to show off to our player characters. It will be an invaluable visual aid when showing our PCs where they died a sailor’s death! Did I say that? Um, yeah, this project is all about exploration. Bad Chrissy. Seriously, it must be all those monsters bubbling up from my warped imagination that have me saying things like that. You can take a peek at those here on the Kobold Quarterly blog, as well, to see what I’m talking about. While you’re there, you can read about Brandon Hodge’s Isle of Morphoi for the Midgard Campaign Setting book. Here are the links: Mnemosynian lamia and the morphoi. I’ve got two more monster previews to come! If you are even more curious about what PCs might encounter on their journey, take a gander at the faceless stalker and neh-thalggu in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2. Those Paizo folks sure are devious, too!

There’s much more to come, so keep an eye on the updates on the Kickstarter page and on the KQ Blog. Onward!

Christina Stiles

Journeys Lead Developer

7 thoughts on “Journeys to the West: Sneak Peek at Maps!”

  1. Awesome! Here’s hoping that the funding doesn’t stop! That glossy map sure would be great. This looks to be the best project ever!

  2. And actually, the Isle of Morphoi was born out of a long drawn out series of fierce discussions between patrons, which Brandon transformed into something cool.

    I’m not correcting you Christina, but I’m emphasizing the collaborative nature of these projects. Brandon deserves full and glorious credit for making fire out of clay.. but we all gave him the clay.

    I gotta say that also because I nagged for two months solid that we needed a race of shapeshifters in the campaign setting. :D

    But that point is not self-aggrandizement (or not *just* that) but rather to illustrate that in an Open Design project anybody can have an influence. So why not join today? Even a modest investment can yield surprising results.

  3. You have your shapeshifters, Mr. Groves. And they are glorious and richly strange. I expect many of the project’s other backers will also bring cool stuff to the table.

    We’ll hear mermaids singing, and the cyclops roaring soon. I’m setting up the project forums over the holiday weekend!


  4. Some fear the blank map. The emptiness intimidates their creative genesis. Then there are those for whom the blank map is a dreamscape canvas from which their churn of creative energies finds it’s objective. How exciting!

  5. Jim, thanks for pointing out the info came from a long discussion. That IS the beauty of Open Design projects. I’m glad you won out on the shapeshifters, and I hope you find my take on the morphoi to your liking. I’ll be seeing ya on the ship!

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