Deep Magic: The App

Deep Magic: The App

3lb GamesThanks to the support of the gaming community, the Deep Magic Kickstarter hit (and exceeded) the goal that brings 3lb Games on board with their Deep Magic app. With only a minimum of arcane effort (and no verbal components), we called forth the booming voice of their official spokesperson and now share those words of wonder and wisdom with you, our gathered kobolds:

“All of us here at 3lb Games are excited . . . wait, no, thrilled. Yeah, go with that . . . we’re thrilled to be working with Kobold Press; our creative director Colin McComb is thrilled to be working with Kobold Press AGAIN. We’re wrapping the Numenera app right now, and we’re excited to deliver a new way for you to thumb through your spellbook. We are planning for full compatibility with the latest iPhone, iOS7 and Android, Jelly Bean, and best of all, Producer Robin Moulder-McComb promises that it will support somatic components. No verbal components, though. At least not yet.”

But, wait! You might have more questions about this wondrous app. You can gain further wisdom and wonder by reading the update that details this stretch goal. While you’re there on the Kickstarter site, take a look at the latest stretch goals! We have some more arcane goodness awaiting you.

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